Palm Cove Golf & Yacht Club, Palm City, FL

A great golf course, especially from the forward tees.  Palm Cove is 4643 yards from the reds, and 5292 from the whites tees.  While this is a community course with houses, it is also a beautiful course and the houses aren’t on every hole.  Designed by Chi Chi Rodriguez, the course is beautifully landscaped and has water hazards or many holes, making the course challenging, but fair.   The greens are fast.  I missed most of my putts as they slid by the hole on the edge.  I got a great rate of $25 playing at 2:45 p.m. on  the Palm Cove website.  I look forward to returning and playing this course again.

2363 SW Carriagehill Terrace, Palm City, FL 34990

Dentist, Doctor, Vet, etc.

As a full-time Rver, medical/dental issues come-up.  The other night while eating popcorn and drinking red wine (a favorite diner), I felt a very hard colonel of popcorn.  Opps, that isn’t popcorn, that is a dental crown!  Thankfully, I didn’t swallow it.

I have a wonderful dentist is Washington, D.C., but he just retired.  It doesn’t matter, because I am in Stuart, FL.  The next morning, logging on to my CIGNA dental plan finds a list of local providers, 3 calls later I found a dentist I could see that morning.

Of course, I did text Tim my retired dentist pal.  I asked if I could super glue my crown.  Tim said, “NO!  It will ruin the crown”.   Always helps to ask before you DIY.

Whenever I relocate, I always find the nearest Urgent Care and Emergency Animal Hospital.  I am so incredibly fortunate to have a ObamaCare health plan and the resources to take Maggie to a Vet, if needed.

My dental crown is now re-bonded, and good to go.    To all my NE friends enjoying those winter stroms.  Stay safe and warm.


Happy Birthday to me!  I have been staying at Port Saint Lucie RV Park, space #50, since 2/13.  It is a typical RV parking lot with campers packed in like sardines.   It isn’t the park, but the location.  Close to my Florida friends, and beaches.  I spent the summer of 2016 in Stuart, FL house sitting for my friends Michelle and Duane.  My first summer of retirement and freedom.  Stuart is only 10 miles south.

Reservations are required, if you want to winter in FL.  Snow birds come for 2 – 3 months in their mammoth RVs, and book months in advance.  Scout is the very smallest trailer in the park.  Our space lacks a picnic table and cable TV.  Picnic tables are the most frequent casualty of backing up an RV, I am told.

“Keep checking”, said Sandy in the office.  I was supposed to leave today, February 22, my 64th birthday.  I wanted to stay longer, but there was no space available.  

Sandy offered 3 additional days, but in space #55, about 100 feet away, 5 spaces down.  The move would require: packing-up, stowing stuff, hooking-up, pulling-out, backing-in, un-hooking, unpacking…100 yards down, 5 spaces away, for 3 additional days.  I was ready to make the move.

Best of all, I would give my neighbors another show of how I (a signle woman) can back-in my 20′ Airstream.  No simple task, but I am getting better each time I do it, solo.  Though there is always a guy around who wants to give me advice and assistance.  Mansplaining at it’s best, which I accept gratefully.

Happily, Sandy called me on the morning of my birthday.  Space #50 was now available until March 1.  The VERY BEST birthday gift, no move required.

Stuff happens, people who reserved months ago, possibly last winter, may not make it.  Their family tragedy, a death in the family, snow birds traveling south to escape the winter, but had to turn back.  My silver lining.

In this case, because I am staying another week, my future reservations need to pushed back.  It took me most of the morning to adjust my March and April reservations.

The rest of my birthday consisted of oysters, and a walk on the beach with my BFF Michelle.  Only  365 days until I become Medicare eligible.  Who would have thought I would be counting the days until I turn 65 years of age!  

More about Campgrounds:

All campgrounds are not created equal.   In addition to public county, state and national park campgrounds, there are private campgrounds like KOA, ENCORE, Thousand Trails, and others.  Private RV resorts are trailer parks under the guise of “RESORT”.  Many have full-time residents that use to travel in their RVs, but got too old or too tried, or both and parked the RV permanently.  Others have given up their RVs entirely, and have converted to a module home.  I have been amazed at how many handicapped or disabled people are living in RV parks.  People in wheelchairs, scooters, and some with oxygen tanks.   Sadly, I have met several couples with disabled adult children.  The economics of RVing may make sense?

County, state and national parks are truly campgrounds, but typically, stays are limited to 14 days.  In the private “resorts” discounts are offered for weekly, monthly or longer stays.  I admit to enjoying swimming pools, showers and laundry facilities.  Yes, I am living in an Airstream, but it doesn’t mean I am “roughing it”.  Let’s face it my friends, I don’t rough it.  I like hot water, electricity and even cable TV.  

I could have moved into a 55 and older community, but I wanted to travel.  RVers enjoy the community an RV Resort offers, pickle ball, shuffle board and swimming pool, etc.  

Friday night the French Canadians are making tacos!  $5 gets you 2 tacos.  Monday morning, they came around collecting the $5 and getting a head count for tacos.  I answered my door in my pajamas, but they didn’t seem to mind.  Many people walk their dogs in PJs, not me.

I have found the public campgrounds are much nicer when it comes to size of the lots, but the public amenities are hit and miss.  Florida state campgrounds I have stayed in have been wonderful.  Clean bathrooms and really nice size camping sites with picnic tables and sometimes fire pits.  A mix of private and public is my preference.  You won’t find me boondocking, camping on public lands out the the wilderness.  I have been there and done that in Alaska.    I prefer hot showers, swimming pools and laundry facilities, that is as rough as I want.

Happy Birthday to me.


Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s day approaches it seems like the perfect opportunity to write about living a solo nomad life.

Last year a grandmother commented that “she admired me” for doing what I am doing.  I told her it would not be my preferred way to travel, but wasn’t going to not do it, just because I am single. Certainly a partner would be my preference, someone to share the experiences and mishaps.  

You would be amazed at how many women are solo RVers.  I subscribe to Wally Byam Airstream Club Solo Airstream Sisters (WBCCI).  The Facebook page boasts 191 members, and that is an exclusive club of woman Airstream owners.  Googling Solo Sisters or Solo RVers finds lots of webpages and blogs,  for instance RV Village lets you know when others are in your area, who have posted profiles and interests.

It is also very comforting when I meet single men on the road, or more to the point in a campground.  In Tucson, Al my neighbor to my left and I bonded over our mutual dislike for the Confederate flag displayed by the campers on my right.  Also in Tucson, Doug a widower from Wyoming who enjoyed hiking, but didn’t play golf.  I was traveling west and he was heading east.  Thankfully in that same park I met Phyllis and Chris, and they are avid golfers.

I admit, I enjoy the looks I get when I pull into a campground towing my beautiful shinny Airstream Flying Cloud, Ms. Scout.

A partner may have meant I wasn’t canoeing solo, and swimming with the alligators.   Having a partner can make backing-up, easier or give you someone to yell at.  Cooking for two is much better than cooking for one.  But sharing common hopes, dreams and bad days together, I would rather be with someone, than alone.

A few weeks back I was feeling the lonelies coming on, only to open my email and read a nice check-in from Paul.  Paul is a friend of my cousin Karen, who talks about traveling, but hasn’t made the plunge.  I have not met Paul, but we correspond periodically and it was great timing on Paul’s part, although he didn’t know it.

Strangely that same day I heard from Dave, another nice fellow I met before leaving the D.C. region.  Dave also talks about trading-in his motorcycle for an RV, and it was nice to catch-up with him.  Then Doug, a fellow RVer came my way at the KOA in Miami.  All in a single day.  Thanks you guys.  Whatever my karma is that keeps me connected or finds connections when I need them most, I am grateful for.

So, on this coming Valentine’s Day, I will take myself out to a golf course and play 18 holes.  It is still my hope I will meet the man of my dreams standing on the first tee, where he has been waiting to meet me.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Replacement STUFF & Update

PHONE & KEYS: After my unintended swim in the Everglades, losing keys and phone; $$$ later my “stuff” is back.  I had insurance on my phone, so that “only” cost $100.  A new key cost $300+.  My number is the same, and thankfully “the iCloud” restored the vast majority of my apps, pictures, and contacts.  While I hate technology, the iCloud has proven it’s worth.

Remember the 2005 JEEP?  The other day when digging through the bottom of my purse, I found the long-lost 2nd key I had made for the Jeep, costing me $250+.  I sold the Jeep last September, after the Jeep dealer on Long Island couldn’t fix it, see earlier post about replacing the PCM (aka computer).

I listed the Jeep on Craig’s list and sold it for $3,000 to a very nice Long Island mechanic, Leo.  When I called Leo to tell him I finally found the extra key and was sending it along, he told me, “you won’t believe this”.  So the brand new dealer installed PCM that cost me $1,300 in Huntington, Beach CA, was faulty!  Leo, said it took him several days with the help of the receipt I provided to him at sale, to get a new PCM.  The Jeep has had a full recovery.  Lucky Leo!   I really loved that Jeep.

However, Maggie loves Toyota Tacoma truck (Jeep replacement).  She has her own seat, because the golf clubs, tool box, and other stuff is now in the truck bed.  A truck is the very best towing vehicle because it provides truck-bed storage.

TREASURE COAST: I am on the Treasure Coast (east coast) of Florida, (Stuart, Port Saint Lucie, and Ft Pierce) until the end of February.  I spent my first retirement summer 2016 here, house sitting for best pals, Michelle & Duane.  That summer Hurricane Mathew blew up the coast, but thanks to Duane’s shutters, caused no damage.  

Maggie is enjoying our morning beach walks, and I am catching-up with friends.  We aren’t missing the Washington, D.C. winter.  That is for sure!