Counting down to leaving FL, via NC

The beauty of being retired without a home, is you can change plans.  I had previously planned to fly to Austin from Florida.  But, stuff happens, and Southwest Airlines makes it so simple.  So I will drive to North Carolina, leave my other car (2010 Prius) with my nephew David.  Long story short, David’s car was flooded when Hurricane Matthew swept up the east coast.  My 2008 Jeep is waiting in Austin, and will pull  “Scout”, my 19’ International Airstream.  Presto-changeo, Southwest Airlines allows flight changes with no addition fees. Doncha love SW?  I do!  Not to mention they don’t care for bags, and are wall-to-wall union.  I gotta buy SW stock someday.

So my “real” journey on the road to reinvention, will take a slight detour via Raleigh, NC. 

I’ll start my travels with Scout soon, and house sitting along the way, when 19’ becomes too confining and friends need someone to hang in their home.

Maggie and I have enjoyed our walk on the beach every morning.  She wouldn’t get her feet wet in June and now look at her! img_3386

It has been a lonely summer.  House sitting in a beautiful home with gorgeous view, but no friends are family in the area.  How to meet new friends at 60+?  I tried Meet Up, and of course posted profiles on-line dating.   My goal of having dinner with a guy at least once a week didn’t pan out. 

The past six months alone has given me too much time to examine myself.  No surprise, I am not that social and tend to enjoy being alone.  Reading, walking and swimming. 

My best accomplishment has been continuing the downsizing and last week I moved “my stuff” into a 5’ x 5’ storage unit.  Next summer my goal will be to have no storage unit.  Downsizing takes time.  It is hard to part with stuff, and I feel I have been throwing money out a window.

The journey continues.

3 thoughts on “Counting down to leaving FL, via NC

  1. I will look forward to hearing about your journey and hope you know you have a friend in Cincinnati should you ever come this way. Freedom comes with less Stuff yet understand the parting. As a child I remember well the words “Happy Trails to You” and certainly wish you the best – be safe.

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey! i look forward to “joining” you as you travel around….and to seeing you if you ever make it back to the DC area. Enjoy!

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