Journey Begins

Our journey begins.  Flying towards Austin, TX on Southwest.  The plan is to collect the Jeep and drive to Katy, TX tomorrow 11/22/16, free the Airstream ‘Scout’ from storage; install the towing hitch and hopefully a back-up camera.  We have a reservation at Leisure RV Park on the San Marcos River, between Katy and Austin.  I have shipped boxes to my friend Ruth, and will spend the next several weeks getting Scout equipped and practice my towing and, backing up skills.

Yes, I am totally insane.  I have never towed a travel trailer.  As kids we spent a summer vacation with our family friends the Davies.  Dave Davies was a big man raised in Youngstown, OH and a steel worker.  At one camping site, I believe in Yosemite, after several attempts to back into a camping site.  Dave jumped out from behind the driving wheel used four letter words we kids had never heard, and unhooked the teardrop trailer, pick-up the towing mount and pushed the trailer into the campsite.  It was a sight to behold.  This event became a recurring family tale.

After Thanksgiving with Ruth and her family and friends.  I will spend the month of December and early January in and around the Austin area.  I plan to visit the LBJ ranch and library, and hopefully play some golf on public courses.

Whether I go east or west after Austin is undecided.  Harriet is looking for a house sitter in Eureka, CA.  She is exploring a 120 cruise on a freighter.  I have golf buddies in both Tuscan and Palm Springs. 

I don’t want to drive more than 200 miles in any single day.  My only other criteria are the weather does not dip below 50 degrees during the day. 

The road to reinvention has begun.  Fasten your seat belts.

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