I Made IT!

Thanks to Stephen (former owner), Ed (tow driver extraordinaire) we released Scout from the bondage of storage and Ed drove her to Pasadena, TX avoiding all toll roads.  I felt as if we had navigated all of Texas, but it was only Houston, traveling west to east.

img_3406Discount Hitches did a suburb install of my trailer hitch on the Jeep and got me out of there just in time for rush hour traffic navigating Houston, now traveling east to west.

Remember, I have never towed a vehicle, and Michelle recently reminded me of our trip to an Alaska labor convention where I backed a rented RV into a tree, destroying the rear window.  It was my brilliant idea to rent an RV and save on hotel rooms.  I hoped Michelle had forgotten, but she never forgets my blunders.  That is what friends are for.

So today 11/22/16, I drove through rush hour Houston traffic with Scout in tow, to watch the sun set in the west and 100 more miles to drive.  Breaking one of my rules — not driving at night.

Arriving at Leisure RV Resort on the San Marco river. As I crawl into my little bed, with the lights on and water hooked up.  I hope there won’t be a problem about not being in my assigned space of 77, I am right next door in 76 — and it was dark!  At least the space is a pull through.  Backing-up will be for another day. 

Because this adventure is about moving forward.

8 thoughts on “I Made IT!

  1. Wow you made it! Happy Trails Alison, and remember, if you think it will take 2 hours, in Alison time it will probably take 6. Be safe!

  2. Glad we could be part of your Journey, Be safe on the road and remember we are just a phone call away if you need anything!

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