Towing a travel trailer is all about the hitch and un-hitching.  A check list can be invaluable.  Inside the trailer secure everything.  Baggage can shift while traveling.  No Shit!  Everything will move unless strapped down.  Also, don’t forget the air vents and antenna.  Yes, I forgot and now my antenna needs a bit of mending.

I don’t have a back-up camera on my 2008 Jeep Cherokee, and as a single traveler, backing up can be challenging.  I can ask for the goodwill of strangers in the adjacent campsites, or try to do it solo.

I did it solo.  Open the back hatch door, and lay a towel or rug as a center measure.  It worked, and wasn’t that difficult moving a few inches, and going back and forward from the driver’s seat to the look at the tow ball.  I am going to start timing my efforts to see how long it takes.  Thankfully iPhones have timing apps.

I moved from a wonderful campground at Emma Long Metropolitan Park in the foothills of Austin, to the RV “Resort”.  The term “Resort” is a stretch.  More like a parking lot, with utilities.

The bath house is “under construction”, and the property owners are doing everything on the cheap.  This morning when I put my butt on the toilet, I thought I would fall over because the toilet was not attached to the floor.   The wall hooks are falling off the walls and the plumbing is very substandard.  You get what you pay for.  In this case, the workers are all Latino and most likely undocumented.  Most of the residents have U.S. flags waving and if I had to guess voted for Trump.  I just wish they recognized they support “illegal” immigration by supporting cheap labor.  


Last Resort

For travelers coming to Austin, look elsewhere.  While conveniently located the price and quality of amenities are not a good buy — the Lone Star RV Resort should be your last resort.

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