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I have never seen so many tall men in my life, as I have seen in the last 6 weeks in TX.  Austin, TX is full of men over 6 feet tall.  Who knew?  Washington, D.C. is full of short men.  Go figure.

A month in Austin, TX and avoiding national news, I have been listening to country western music (CWM) station.  I have never liked CWM, so that should tell you how much I want to avoid the national news.  My friend Karen has informed my that it is now called Country Music, dropping the Western.  Thanks Karen!

Country music is all about love, or the rear view mirror of love.  So working at Breed & Co., a hardware and housewares store in December is a love reality check.   While country singers are swooning about their true loves, the men shopping at Breed & Co. on the days before Christmas don’t seem to have a clue about their wives.

Customer #1, has one kid another on the way, but has no idea of the fragrance his wife wears or likes.  Bubble bath – not sure.  Favorite color – don’t know.  “What does she like?”  If he knew that, he wouldn’t be shopping at a hardware store, regardless of the fact it is an amazing hardware store with linens, crystal and china; in addition to hardware.

Customer #2, after buying anything and everything, says to the sales associate, “do you think these will this save my marriage?”  Naught.

Three male customers wondering clueless through the housewares section asking for ideas – 1 had 3 lovely sons with him.  So I suggested: Buy a beautiful vase and promise fresh flowers every month.  The sons liked the idea.  The husband -Naught.

Rule #1.  Never buy your wife a gift with an electrical plug.

Rule #2.  No matter how great Breed & Co., this is not the place to buy your wife a Christmas present.  Especially, if you don’t know what she likes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and good luck with your marriage.

3 thoughts on “Country Music

  1. What a great blog! That father should have listened to you and his (3) sons. Your idea of a vase and flowers was brilliant. By the way, do you like taller men?

  2. Hilarious. My partner can buy me a Christmas present at the hardware store anytime! Forget vases. Tools! We always need tools! Happy New Year, Alison!

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