Fortune Cookie

The faucet that was. It feel apart, both above and below.

Tight fit.

I bought bad Chinese food tonight after another frustrating day of trying to resolve water issues in Scout.  My fortune said, “A GREAT DAY LIES AHEAD IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTRE”.  Every day is better on the road2reinvention, but this week has been very challenging.  The inauguration of Donald Trump and leaking faucets.  Trump is a tidal wave; slow leaks are also equally destructive.

When working in tight space, a make-up mirror is a great tool.

So a week of daily visits to another fabulous ACE Hardware Store.  I love the ‘nut and bolt room’, where every part lives in a tiny drawer.  I was committed to fixing this myself.  I finally got the kitchen faucet to NOT leak, only to discover water leaking across the floor from – possibly the bathroom or the bathroom sink?  I have no idea.  Scout and I will be visiting the Airstream dealership in Tucson.  DAMN.

3 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie

  1. I like your fortitude.
    Yesterday was a day full of sunshine and hope compared to the day before

    when quiet despair ravished the land. I attended the women’s rally in West

    Palm Beach with my friend. The singing “pissed off grannies,” was one of the

    highlights of the day. I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I

    did. Now we need to continue this positive energy into meaningful

    social change where ever you are on the road of life.

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