Last Night in Scout, for awhile…

Saturday night was our last night sleeping in Scout, under the shade of the Santa Cruz Redwoods. Already we are missing our nomad life.  The month of May, we are house sitting in Vallejo, CA. New friends Jeanette and Bruce are off to Europe tomorrow for their first post-retirement adventure. I met them through the

Maggie and I are caring for two dogs Mishka and Moca, and three cats.

Scout and the Jeep go into storage until September, when Diane and John will come to Oakland and driver her east to Raleigh.

On May 31, we will fly to Raleigh, NC to visit Mom, sister Becky and meet Benjamin the newest addition to the family, son of nephew David and Camilla. David will be transfer to Italy in August, so they are packing and looking forward to living abroad, thanks to the U.S. Airforce.

Maggie and I will head to Washington, D.C. for a June visit and then on to Long Island to stay in sister Robin’s Long Island home in Westhampton, possibly until October.

So my road to reinvention will take a detour for the summer. We look forward to visiting the beach daily and playing lots of golf. I hope friends will come and visit us in Westhampton.

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