Leaving Left Coast for East Coast – Summer 2017

Arriving in North Carolina, D.C. for a visit with Mom, sister Becky, nephew David, Camilla and new son Benjamin. I am so glad to be out of Vallejo.  I won’t bore everyone with all the logistics, but will end up at sister Robin’s Long Island house mid-June for the summer.  

Robin’s house will be great, unlike the house sitting gig in Vallejo.  The month of May was a bust, except for reconnecting with friends living in the Bay area.  Vallejo’s proximity to where my friends live, was the only reason I thought the house sitting made sense.  Live and learn.

I do not like clutter, and the Vallejo house was full of clutter.   Plus cats that shit on the floor, no functioning vacuum cleaner, and the location – suburbs.  Living in the suburbs has never been my ideal.   I am spoiled for the many years of living in Washington, D.C. and walking to restaurants, theaters and shopping.

Saying goodbye to Scout (aka Airstream) for the summer was sad.  John Sroufe came from Anchorage to learn the tricks of towing Scout, and help me move Scout into storage for the summer.  In September, John and wife Diane DiSanto will fly from Anchorage to Sacramento and drive Scout to North Carolina.  I am already looking forward to October when I will resume my Airstream odyssey.

Vallejo did allow me to reconnect two of my favorite woman and former colleagues.  Kick-ass Teamster organizer Kim Keller living in Sebastopol, CA and Carol Travis one of the first woman to be elected as a UAW local union president.  It was so great to spend time with both these fabulous women, (Damn I forgot to take our pictures together).

I am not sure when I will get back to the left coast.  I am certain it will be in Scout and not by airplane. Remember when flying was fun and exciting?  If I never step foot in an airport, it will be too soon.  Unfortunately, flying cross-country today is expeditious, but I would rather drive anywhere than board a commercial plane.  

D.C. and Long Island here we come, and at least there will be beaches and golf.






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