There is nothing more beautiful than blue hydrangeas, and Long Island has an abundance of hydrangeas in July.  I want to stop and take pictures every-time I see a bush, I could be a traffic hazard.  Summer humidity and cool breezes, golf and going to the beach.  It did not seem fair to see sister Robin go back to work while I enjoy her Westhampton home.  What a gift.

The other night I enjoyed watching The Hero at the Westhampton Performing Arts Theater in the village. I recommend the film.  Written and directed by Brett Haley, The Hero is a very sweet movie about aging and dying.  Haley wrote the film for Sam Shepard, who at 72 is still the world’s most sexy man, except for Morgan Freeman.  Best of all is Shepard’s wife Katharine Ross (The Graduate and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) plays his ex-wife in the film.  I wouldn’t have recognized her.  Haley also wrote and directed I’ll See You in My Dreams, starring Blythe Danner and Sam Shepard.  I look forward to more films by Haley.  Maybe with Morgan Freeman.  I love independent movies, not so much summer block-busters.

As for golf, my game isn’t where I want it…  A work in progress.  But playing with my Alaska pal Bruce Dougherty at Montauk Downs was fun.  Bruce and I met when he worked at the Anchorage Pioneer Home, one of my work sites representing state workers for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) in the early 1990s.  Bruce was a shop steward and we became friends.   Alaskan friends are for a lifetime.  How ironic that Bruce grew up on Long Island, and my sister bought a house here.  Our golf game at Montauk has become an annual summer event. 

Long Island is aptly named, it is really LONG!  The 52-mile drive takes at least 2 hours, driving home last night took 2 and a half.   Highway 27 becomes single lane shortly after leaving Westhampton and winds through the villages of Southampton, Bridgehampton, Amagansett and Montauk.  Accidents cause at a minimum 30 minute delays.  The rich people living in the Hamptons must take the private helicopters or shop with drones?

For those of you who watched the HBO series The Affair, the Lobster Roll really exists and is dog friendly.  Dominic West (The Wire) and Ruth Wilson (Luther) both English actors playing Americans.  Wilson plays Alison in The Affairs, spelled correctly with one L. 

Maggie and I will go eat there another day.  The hydrangeas along the road make the drive worth it.

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