2017 Summer’s end

Summer is coming to an end, 4 months in Westhampton has flown by.  While Houston, TX is suffering from horrible weather, Long Island is enjoying sunshine, but unusually cool temperatures.

I am preparing for my end of stay on Long Island, and looking forward to reuniting with Scout (aka Airstream). 

Alaska friends Diane and John will be collecting Scout in Sacramento, CA, on 9/5 with the very best help of dear friend Barb Hodgin.  I am grateful to River City Storage for their indoor care of Scout all summer.

Diane and John will head east, and I plan to meet them at Jordon Lake State Park, NC at the end of September. 

I am looking forward to my first visit to the Outer Banks, NC.  On to Myrtle Beach in November, and return for Thanksgiving with Mom, Stepfather Erv, and sister Becky partner Chuck, and extended family.

I don’t have any plans after Thanksgiving, and hope to make my way south, follow the sun and avoid horrible weather.

Most of all I am looking forward to reuniting with Scout, and the Road2Reinvention.

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