Size Does Matter

Single Axle.

In 2016, when I began my search for a used Airstream I had my heart set on a 20’ Flying Cloud.  20 feet is the largest Airstream with a single axle – only one wheel on each side.  But, 20 footers are very hard to find.  I searched the entire U.S. and got out bid, or couldn’t afford the few that were available.

Scout appeared on Ebay in Katy, TX, I was in Austin, and we fell in love.  But, I have always dreamed of a Flying Cloud and the extra 1 foot, 10 inches.  Yes, 1 foot, 10 inches is a world of difference in an Airstream, especially in the kitchen.  There is actual counter space.

Counter Space & drawers

No Counter Space.

So, this week I said goodbye to Scout, selling Scout in order to purchase a 2014 Flying Cloud. 

Introducing Scout II.    Same bed size, but very different floor plan.  Stepping into the Flying Cloud felt huge!

Scout II, is in Nashua, NH so I will be heading north to collect her in the coming weeks.   We will meander south through the fall leaves, returning to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, and then south for the winter.  My Road2Reinvention is about to begin again.  Thanks for reading and following our adventures, I hope you will stay tuned.




4 thoughts on “Size Does Matter

  1. Happy Trails with Scout 2. Love the New England fall! Saw it for the first time last year at my Aunts in Vermont.

  2. I absolutely adore you and your spirit: I have loved following your hopes, your dreams, and your adventures since the day we met at the University of Oregon. As always, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  3. Congrats on the new & improved Airstream! Please consider passing through DC on your way to NC so we can admire it (and you) in person.

  4. Ah, what we will do for the love of counter space. Well done on the extension. Keep it between the white lines as you admire the fall colors and … enjoy. Holler when you pass through if you think about it.

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