Washington, D.C.

Today it was 70 degrees and felt like summer.  I arrived in Washington, D.C. in the spring on 1999, and fell in love.  This is a beautiful city.  The neighborhoods, the trees, the monuments.  The very best thing is walking.  I had hoped to live here for the rest of my life, certainly in retirement.  But that didn’t work out.  So, it is ironic that I now find myself driving an Airstream, rather than spending my days walking.  In D.C. cars are a pain, and unnecessary.  There is METRO, Smart Cars, City Bikes, Taxis, UBER and your feet.

New METRO cars are clean and have digital displays.

I am here visiting friends while new Scout is getting repaired.  On our maiden voyage, we had a little run-in with a yellow post.  I only hit inanimate objects, parking garage posts, and cement posts protecting gas pumps.  I drove thousands of miles without hitting anything, but my first trip in Scout II, I cut a corner too short and hit a yellow gas station post.  I didn’t even need to buy gas!  I feel stupid, stupid, stupid.  Oh Well.

Best to have a collision as soon as you buy a new car, or in my case Airstream, get the pain and embarrassment over with.  I owned 2 Ford Explorers, and both experienced an encounter with a parking garage post in the first month of ownership.  My sister Robin backed into a stone wall the first weekend she had her new car, we were talking and not paying attention to the back-up camera or beeping.

But that is history.  I have quit kicking myself at my own stupidity, and I am going to enjoy my visit.   Daily trips to Congressional Cemetery with Maggie and Lola, lunches, dinner and drinks with friends.  Hanging out with Liz and Lola, while Tim is attending flight training in New Hampshire.

But, I am anxious to get on the road south.  I want to return to warm weather and sandy beaches.  My winter travel plans are to hang out in North Carolina until Thanksgiving.  Then south to Florida.  I had hoped to go to the Florida Keys, but hurricanes altered that plan.  I will travel to Stuart, follow along with Michelle and Duane as they cruise the inland water way to the Gulf of Mexico and then stay along the Gulf until April.

Alaskan friends are joining me for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival the last weekend in April.   Anyone else planning on Jazz Fest in 2018?

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