Fish & Family, 3 days

We survived Thanksgiving!  More important we celebrated my beautiful Mother’s 88th birthday Saturday (11/25) with homemade Indian food.  I am exceeding my 3-day rule: ‘fish and family’, because of delayed Airstream repairs.  Families are born to fuss, or fight.  I am fortunate that my 3 sisters and I are very close and “when push, comes to shove” we always end-up on the same page.  I know there are many families who are estranged, differ so much they can’t be in the same room, county, state, or even on the same continent.   We are so fortunate to be where we are at this stage in life.

Families always struggle with distance, and ours is no different.  Nephew David is now stationed in Italy with the Air Force, and niece Rachel is finishing her medical residency in Seattle, WA.  So, this Thanksgiving it was the big kids, and a single millennial nephew Connor.  We did not discuss politics, thankfully.  We are all Democrats.  In 1978, Mom married Erv a Republican.  YIKES!  My Mom’s powers of persuasion converted Erv and he is now the chair of the Democratic precinct at Carolina Meadows (their retirement community), and loves Rachel Maddow.  Go Figure? We should have let my Mother loose on the Republican party, maybe she could have converted more of them?  

We are celebrating good news of a blending family.  My oldest sister Becky (18 months older) is now engaged to Chuck.  Chuck’s oldest son Chuck and wife Cynthia drove from Virginia and joined us for dinner, and pie!  Sister Kerry (18 months younger), husband Buzz traveled from Anchorage, Alaska.  Their son (nephew) Connor is finishing his last year of a Master’s in Architecture at Portland State, OR.  Sister Kerry is enjoying retirement after 30 years in the Anchorage School District classroom, and Buzz is getting ready to retire.

How did we get to be so old?

I am waiting on the call from Airstream Virginia that Scout II is repaired and road ready for traveling south.  Maggie and I are so very ready to get back on the Road2Reinvention.  We have a new/used 2015 Toyota Tacoma truck, and new/used 2014 Flying Cloud Airstream.  

Ready to Launch!






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