On the Road Again

Scout II has finally been repaired from my very stupid mishap with a yellow cement post, and we spent 2 rainy cold days in a campground along I-95 (the worst highway in America).  RV Vacation is a nice campground with the sound of trucks, as Emmy Lou sings in Boulder to Birmingham “I came to listen for the sound of the trucks as they roll down out on 95″.  I admit to singing this song while walking Maggie in the rain.

I was so glad to wake to sunshine this morning, if but for temperatures in the 30s.  

Now in Santee, South Carolina and camped on the shores of Lake Marion, at a beautiful state campground.  I am looking forward to a campfire tomorrow night.  According to Wikipedia, the Santee River was dammed in the 1940s to supply hydroelectric power, as part of the rural electrification efforts initiated under President Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s New Deal during the Great Depression. It is one of the fifty largest lakes in the United States.  There is also a beautiful golf course less than a mile away.  But tomorrow I finish will organizing and storage, which I wasn’t able to do in the rain.  Golf will have to wait for another visit, and a bit warmer temperatures – above 55 degrees.

Pictures to follow! Stay tuned.



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