Something ALWAYS Happens

Just when I am feeling confident and leaving my gas station mishap behind, I hit something else.  I have no idea, what it was or when.  But when I arrived at the Port Saint Lucie RV park, my fold-out step would not fold out.  I had only driven an hour on main roads and never felt anything.  How could this happen? On closer examination, it appears an unknown wooden object struck the step and bent it.   The step is made of steel and weighs 40lbs.  The repair required me to crawl under the trailer on my back and remove the step.  My new socket wrench set wouldn’t work because of the very tight space.  One of the 4 screws would not loosen, so a trip to Sears for a set of gear wrenches ($8.00) and some WD-40 did the trick. 

I found a replacement step on Amazon, and it will be here on Friday.  RV Neighbor Bob, was happy to hold the assembly, so the 40lb step didn’t hit me in the face, when I finally got the screw unscrewed.   It is reassuring that I can do these minor repairs myself.  I just hope I won’t be doing them often. 

Life on the road continues to be an adventure, because something unexpected ALWAYS seems to happen.  Good thing I am a woman who is not afraid of tools or DIY.

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