I got the step on!  Replacing the step on the Airstream, or replacing anything always is a lesson in process.  What I learned from this repair:

  1. Don’t put the front bolts on first.  Yes, they are easy and closest, but it is the back bolts that are the problem.
  2. Helpful to have someone to hold the 40 lb steps, while you are lying on your back under the trailer struggling to insert bolts.  But, in the absence of a helper, finding plastic bins, and other stuff you can place underneath to support and align the bolts.  
  3. Get all the bolts in, BUT DON’T tighten.  Like replacing a tire on your car, lug nuts should be tightened equally.  
  4. Don’t answer your cell phone when you are under the trailer, because it is your Mother calling on FACE Time.  I hate FACE Time. 

I love you Mom!  But, I am so proud of myself, even if I do say so!

As for Key Largo, it is amazing the recovery underway from hurricane Irma that blew through just 5 months ago.  The costs, damage and trash is staggering.  We watched as workmen repaired a bridge, and you can not help but see the trash piled high along the Overseas Highway.  Apparently, when FEMA left, they weren’t done with trash collection, so it sits waiting to be taken away, but no one seems to know who that someone is.

We are off to the Everglades National Park on Monday, hope it is open with the government shut-down.

4 thoughts on “STEP UP!

  1. Actually, if they are going to shut the government down, I am of the belief that they should close all non-essential services, including parks. Americans do not understand or appreciate what their government does for them and should experience the effects of a shutdown so they can pressure Trump to do the right thing, for a change.

    • I totally agree. It is unconscionable that working people don’t get paid when Members of Congress continue to collect a pay check. I agree, if the government is shut-down. Shut it down! All of it. Or better yet, pay everyone on furlough, and don’t pay any elected official or political appointee.

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