In my last post, I told you about meeting Rebecca & Barry at Starbucks, after my inadvertent swim in the Everglades.  After driving 2 hours out of the Everglades, and stopping at Starbucks, there were Rebecca and Barry.  What are the chances?

So today, was another very weird coincidence.  I checked into the KOA at Davie, FL last Friday 1/26.  The very same day I re-uncounted Rebecca and Barry on dry land.  The weather has been cold and windy, by Florida winter standards, for days. 

Today, finally the sun came out and I was feeling a bit lonely.  So, I decided to play golf.  I haven’t played in weeks, and the last time I played I walked off, because I didn’t like the course and was playing alone.

Today, I made a tee time at a golf course 25 minutes away at 1:45 p.m.  I am an afternoon player.  It gave me time to do laundry, wash sheets and make the bed, in preparation for moving north to Port Saint Lucie, FL tomorrow.

I arrived in plenty of time and met a lovely Canadian couple Jeanette and Mark.  Our 3rd player showed up and we did the perfunctory introductions.  Bob, said he was staying in an RV.  Where are you staying, I asked?  “The KOA in Davie”, said Bob.  What a coincidence I said, I am also staying there!  Bob, said he was in site #89.  Funny thing, I am in site #88.  In KOA parks, that means you are parked next to each other.

Bob and I have been neighbors for 5 days, in a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale, hundreds of thousands of people.  But we only met when we showed up to play golf at 1:45 p.m.,  (for non-golfers, tee times are made every 8 minutes, with 4 players.  I am not a mathematician, so I can’t figure the odds).

I only wish I had this kind of lucky when I buy lottery tickets.  Never the less, we had a great round of golf at Bridges at Springtree Golf Club.  

But, it makes me wonder. How is it I keep having these convergences, just when I am feeling the “lonelies” coming on?

It makes me sing a favorite song, Sending me Angels.  Click the link and sing along.

“Standing on the bank of the river, By the shore
Seems like the devil’s always tryin’
To get in my door
Just when I thought I
Couldn’t take it anymore
Here he came again
My friend
He keeps sending me angels,
From up on high
He keeps sending me angels,
To teach me to fly
He keeps sending me angels,
Sweet and true
He keeps sending me angels,
Just… like… you…

One thought on “WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?

  1. What are the chances indeed? Are you getting married? Lol. You are the best dear sister. You live life to the fullest, a true adventurer, and a righteous woman. Hugs and kisses to you and Maggs

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