Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s day approaches it seems like the perfect opportunity to write about living a solo nomad life.

Last year a grandmother commented that “she admired me” for doing what I am doing.  I told her it would not be my preferred way to travel, but wasn’t going to not do it, just because I am single. Certainly a partner would be my preference, someone to share the experiences and mishaps.  

You would be amazed at how many women are solo RVers.  I subscribe to Wally Byam Airstream Club Solo Airstream Sisters (WBCCI).  The Facebook page boasts 191 members, and that is an exclusive club of woman Airstream owners.  Googling Solo Sisters or Solo RVers finds lots of webpages and blogs,  for instance RV Village lets you know when others are in your area, who have posted profiles and interests.

It is also very comforting when I meet single men on the road, or more to the point in a campground.  In Tucson, Al my neighbor to my left and I bonded over our mutual dislike for the Confederate flag displayed by the campers on my right.  Also in Tucson, Doug a widower from Wyoming who enjoyed hiking, but didn’t play golf.  I was traveling west and he was heading east.  Thankfully in that same park I met Phyllis and Chris, and they are avid golfers.

I admit, I enjoy the looks I get when I pull into a campground towing my beautiful shinny Airstream Flying Cloud, Ms. Scout.

A partner may have meant I wasn’t canoeing solo, and swimming with the alligators.   Having a partner can make backing-up, easier or give you someone to yell at.  Cooking for two is much better than cooking for one.  But sharing common hopes, dreams and bad days together, I would rather be with someone, than alone.

A few weeks back I was feeling the lonelies coming on, only to open my email and read a nice check-in from Paul.  Paul is a friend of my cousin Karen, who talks about traveling, but hasn’t made the plunge.  I have not met Paul, but we correspond periodically and it was great timing on Paul’s part, although he didn’t know it.

Strangely that same day I heard from Dave, another nice fellow I met before leaving the D.C. region.  Dave also talks about trading-in his motorcycle for an RV, and it was nice to catch-up with him.  Then Doug, a fellow RVer came my way at the KOA in Miami.  All in a single day.  Thanks you guys.  Whatever my karma is that keeps me connected or finds connections when I need them most, I am grateful for.

So, on this coming Valentine’s Day, I will take myself out to a golf course and play 18 holes.  It is still my hope I will meet the man of my dreams standing on the first tee, where he has been waiting to meet me.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentines Day Awesome Alison. Loved this entry. Newsflash from NYT today-For a Better Marriage, Act Like a Single Person- turns out friends and social networks are the true key to happiness! So glad you are my friend. Enjoy the Valentines Day golf game.

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