Dentist, Doctor, Vet, etc.

As a full-time Rver, medical/dental issues come-up.  The other night while eating popcorn and drinking red wine (a favorite diner), I felt a very hard colonel of popcorn.  Opps, that isn’t popcorn, that is a dental crown!  Thankfully, I didn’t swallow it.

I have a wonderful dentist is Washington, D.C., but he just retired.  It doesn’t matter, because I am in Stuart, FL.  The next morning, logging on to my CIGNA dental plan finds a list of local providers, 3 calls later I found a dentist I could see that morning.

Of course, I did text Tim my retired dentist pal.  I asked if I could super glue my crown.  Tim said, “NO!  It will ruin the crown”.   Always helps to ask before you DIY.

Whenever I relocate, I always find the nearest Urgent Care and Emergency Animal Hospital.  I am so incredibly fortunate to have a ObamaCare health plan and the resources to take Maggie to a Vet, if needed.

My dental crown is now re-bonded, and good to go.    To all my NE friends enjoying those winter stroms.  Stay safe and warm.

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