Way Down Along the Suwannee River

Way down along the Suwannee River, that is where we have been, attending the Suwannee Spring Reunion.  A cross between Burning Man and Woodstock, there was an abundance of tie-dye T-shirts and Birkenstocks.   I now understand why camping on the property might have been the right decision, because the music went far into the night.  I didn’t stay for the late-nighters, rather enjoyed the folk music during day light hours.  Suwannee Music camp is a huge campground, with acres of tents and art.  The Music venue and offers 4 stages: the inside Music Hall with food and a full bar, and outside the amphitheater, the Porch, and Music Farmers stage.

I wasn’t sure I was up to the campground, which I understand was full of music and whatever to all hours.  The acres of tents seemed to go on for miles, and the port-a-poties, yuk.  I am a snob when it comes to toilets.  Instead we stayed at the Suwannee River Florida State Park, another beautiful and well-maintained campground, with full hook-ups, beautiful clean facilities, and along the banks of the river.  I only wish I had a kayak.

Tomorrow we drive west to return to the Gulf Coast and will spend the next 3 weeks traveling to New Orleans to attend the Jazz and Heritage Festival.  Looking forward to meeting my Alaskan pals Hilary and Robin, Bruce and Lydia there for a weekend of great music and cajun food.  

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