When the rubber meets the road

So I am merrily driving 60 mph on Hwy 40 East from Ashville to Chapel Hill, NC when the passenger side trailer tire shreds into pieces.

Airstreams are aerodynamic and are great to tow.  Not like so many of the Big Boxes you see on interstates.  I was able to move from the center lane and onto the shoulder without any trouble.  My trailer and I are fine, and I will have two new tires, shocks, and while we are at it oil the wheel bearings.  It is always something.  I can’t complain having driven 5,000 miles since purchasing the Airstream in New Hampshire in September 2017.  We’ve been to Long Island, D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and back to North Carolina heading north for the summer.

Lessons learned, thanks to Jeff my great tow truck driver:

  1. Replace all RV tires every 18 months. It isn’t the tread on the tire (that looked great), but the walls of the tires that rot.
  2. The covers on tires I have seen on other RVs, are to protect the rubber side walls from the sun and extended parking.
  3. Progressive Insurance has horrible customer service, too many prompts to get to a real person when contacting roadside assistance.  Jeff has suggested an RV insurance called CoachNet.  

I am happy to report I am with my Mom in Chapel Hill while my stepfather Erv is recovering from a stroke and surgery to put in stents.  Mom and Erv now have matching stents.  I hope my trip to Washington, D.C. and Long Island will go as planned, but I won’t be staying at the beautiful Jordon Lake campground in Cary, NC as originally planned.

I should be back on my road2reinvention in a week, which will give me time to catch up on my blog posts.

So stay tuned and please keep reading.

4 thoughts on “When the rubber meets the road

  1. I was going to comment on that superb piece you wrote on going to hear Jimmy Carter speak. Gee Alison that was a great piece and I shared it with Sally. Your tow truck driver gave you good advice CoachNet is great. We have used them for years. You can even call them on how to fix things like refrigerators and such. Good group and they always send a rig out that is capable of towing/fixing an RV.
    Keep trucking (and writing!)

  2. Loved the Jimmy Carter story. The first President I was able to vote for. If only we had heeded his warning to turn down the thermostat and put on a sweater back in the 70’s we could have been so much better off environmentally.

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