Spare tire!

When I say spare tire, I don’t mean the one around my waist.  My tire karma has not been good.  First, the tire on the passenger side of the Airstream shreds into pieces while driving at 60 mph on 40 East.  I had planned to buy new tires this summer for Scout, so was not a huge surprise the tire shredded.   I now have 3 new tires, 2 on the trailer and a spare.  

Yesterday, driving north to Washington, D.C., the passenger side tire goes flat.  A brand new Goodyear tire!

What the F*ck!

Thanks to good Samaritan Roy, who stopped and tried to plug the hole, then put the spare tire on. So where should I spend the night waiting for the Goodyear store to open?  You guessed it, in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  

Lessons learned: 1) just put the spare tire on, and don’t try to patch a brand new tire; 2) “Never say never”, because one-day sleeping overnight in a Wal-Mart parking lot, is the best option.

Lola and Maggie, can you tell them apart?

Today, arrived in Cheverly, MD where Scout is parked in friend’s Madeleine and Norman’s driveway.   Maggie and I will stay on Capitol Hill with Liz, Tim, and Lola, Maggie’s best friend.  Then on to Long Island for the summer at sister Robin’s house in Westhampton, NY.   Come visit!

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