Back in Washington, D.C.

Maggie and Lola enjoying the pond at Congressional cemetery.

Always fun to be back in my adopted hometown of Washington, D.C.  Maggie gets to hang with her BFF Lola, walks in the hood and daily visits to the Congressional Cemetery — the very best dog park ever!  Yes, dogs run free and off leash and get to pee on the interned.  J Edgar Hoover has a little fence around his plot, because peeing on him was a favorite attraction. 

Cemetery’s K9 Corps is a private dogwalking program, bringing life, community, and volunteerism to this extraordinary burial ground. Dog walking at the cemetery is permitted by membership only. As far as we know, it is one of the first programs of its kind. It is organized for the continued support of the ongoing work at Historic Congressional Cemetery through funds raised through donations and each member’s ongoing volunteer work. Day passes for non-members are offered during office hours Monday – Friday, 9-5 for $10, and interested dog walkers can apply to join the waitlist through this website.  Read the stones behind this dog in the video below.

Take a walking tour with your cell phone, compliments IZI Tours app and radio reporter Liz Ruskin.   Historic Congressional Cemetery: The Dead Tell the Best Stories.

I love Washington, D.C., especially Capitol Hill.  Best of all, I am no longer one of the self-important people who populate the city.  I have almost run-down 3 pedestrians who stepped off the curb in front of my truck against the light, because they were engrossed with their mobile phone and texting while walking.

D.C. is under construction.  There are construction cranes littering the skyline. Glass and steel high-rises everywhere.  Good architects incorporate the old facades of houses and buildings, incorporating them into the new structures, retaining the remnants of the old city.

Best of all is the new Anthem, a fantastic new music venue and auditorium opened in October 2017, the Anthem is part of District Wharf, a comprehensive redevelopment of the area.  Gone are the old all-you-can-eat (gross) seafood buffet restaurants and seedy motels, replaced by luxury apartments, condo, shops and trendy restaurants with outdoor dining.  The old fish market is the only thing that remains from the previous waterfront establishments.  Another neighborhood yupification (infested with Yuppies) in D.C.

The Anthem has a movable stage and seating that provides a capacity of 2,500 to 6,000.  Balconies are closer to the stage than most venues, I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house and the acoustics are fantastic.   I heard Brandi Carlile there on Saturday night, it was possibly the best concert I have attended.  The Anthem is AMAZING.

While in D.C. Maggie will see her Vet, and I am doing my routine health appointments, dentist, etc.  I am also trying to see as many dear friends I can before heading north to Long Island for the summer.

Beautiful and interesting sites to visit, remember all Smithsonian museums are FREE!  I am always amazed how many foreign tourist come to see our National Capitol.


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