MaxxAir Fan Installation

There is possibly nothing you can’t do, if you watch enough YouTube videos.  This summer Scout is sitting in my sister Robin’s driveway in Westhampton, NY, while Maggie and I enjoy her home and daily trips to Cupsogue Beach.  

I decided to replace the two ceiling fans, because they are very noisy, and when it rains the hoods must be closed to avoid raindrops on your head.  Also the trailer can become very stuffy.  MaxxAir fans look great.  The fan can remain open when it rains and promises to be quiet when running, and there is even a remote control!

Caulk Removal tool

Available via Amazon, the fans arrived as promised, and after watching 3 YouTube videos I felt adequately empowered for DIY installation.  Climbing on top of the Airstream is not my idea of fun, but once on top I felt confident I could do this.  A check-list of tools and supplies is a very good idea, and saving me from multiple trips up and down the ladder.  A trip to the local True Value Hardware store for a caulk removal tool and denatured alcohol, recommended in the YouTube videos.  I was ready to DIY.

Every project I embark on is judged by the number of trips to the hardware store and the purchase of additional tools for any project.  I am pleased to report this project only required 2 trips, the second for self-drilling metal screws because the pre-drilled holes didn’t line up.  I plan to write to MaxxAir and suggest they offer an Airstream model.  The wiring was super simple, only 2 wires: 1 black and 1 white.

It was the removal of the old fan and caulk that took the most time, but the denatured alcohol is a great solvent.  I am thinking I might re-caulk the entire roof, which is suggested maintenance every 5 years.  But maybe too ambitious.   When am I ever going to play a round of golf with all these projects?

Originally I was thinking I would only install one, but when I saw how great the first was, I decided to do both.  The kitchen fan has a remote control, so I lay in bed and control the speeds.   No more rain drops on my head, and peacefully quiet.



3 thoughts on “MaxxAir Fan Installation

  1. You will love them Alison!
    I have 3 as I replaced the darn noisy bathroom fan too.
    Did you know that Fantastic also sells insulated fan covers?? Mine are smokey and have 2 layers of plastic in the cover that leaves a small space that they suck the air out of the space creating an insulated dome lid.

  2. Alison,
    You’re such a DIY Badass! Youtube videos are great, we watch them all them time for home repair projects. You go girl!

  3. Did you have to modify the opening?? I have a ’89 Excello and interior opening measures about 13.5 inches. I’m wondering if I have to modify the round corners on the roof??

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