Meet Me On the 1st Tee

Never wanting kids, I saw no need to marry.  My dream is the perfect “re-tread”.  A man who was married, had children, divorced – or even better yet, widowed.  A man retired and unencumbered, loves to play golf wants to travel and just have fun.  How hard could it be?  You would be amazed.

Unlike downhill skiing, where you wave you ski pole in the air and yell “SINGLE!”  Golf is a gentile sport.  The starter (usually a retired guy) will slot you in with a three-some.  We all know every man’s fantasy is a three-some.  BUT, not in GOLF!  As a single golfer, I walk on and play with whomever the starter assigns.  Guys generally looking forward to a round of golf without their wives.  I think, men play golf to get away from their spouses, spend 4-5 hours with buddies, and not talk about anything, or just not talk.  Golf conversation is limited to “your ball is over there behind that tree”, “nice putt”, and “where is the beer cart”. 

Palm Springs golfers are different, lots of retired couples who play golf together.  Alaska pals, David and Susan, live here in the winter, and we have played together at Indian Canyon, Mission Lakes, Desert Dunes and Palm Desert Resort.  So many courses, but Palm Springs golf is expensive.  I will be glad to get back to Tucson where you can walk 18 holes for $15.

Two years ago in Palm Springs, I walked on as a single.  I asked the 3 guys waiting to tee off if they would mind if I joined them, and they pointed to 3 woman on the first tee.  The guys said, “why don’t you see if you could join them”.  GOOD IDEA!

That sunny day, I met Cathy, Sheila and Karen,  Canadians wintering in sunny CA.  Their husbands were ahead, and we all had a great round.  I was happy to return to Palm Springs this winter and reconnect with Cathy.

Cathy and husband Ken and I played a nice round at Monterey Golf Club, before they left for Saskatchewan.  Golf is life, and I am fortunate to have far-flung friends who play golf and want to reconnect.

I am still waiting for the day I walk up to the first tee, and meet a nice retired, single guy who wants to play the back 9 of life with me.  But, until that day.  Thanks, David, Susan, Cathy and Ken for good company and golf.   Hope you’ll come to Florida next winter!

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