I was fortunate to see Brian Cranston play LBJ on Boardway in All The Way, also an HBO movie you can watch on Amazon.  President Johnson signed more than 1,000 pieces of legislation in his Presidential term.  He was the Master of the Senate, as profiled in Robert Carro’s multi-volume biography.  Today I visited the LBJ Ranch in Fredricksburg, TX a lovely village of German origins 74 miles west of Austin.  West Texas is beautiful, especially this year with amazing wildflowers due to a wet winter.  I think LBJ would be startled by the burgeoning grape vineyards and wineries sprouting everywhere.  The wineries are breeding new economy and life into a region where LBJ grew up in poverty.

After graduation from college LBJ taught school in a majority latino area, which instilled in him a deep appreciation of poverty, education and race discrimination.  If not for the Vietnam War, LBJ would have been a President to achieve more in reshaping domestic policy for decades to come.  

The ranch is breathtaking.  It was 90 degrees so our walk around was not as long as it could have been.  The “Texas White House” is closed for repairs.

As always the National Park Service staff were incredible, telling visitors again and again the same information.  I did learn there is a winter volunteer program for RVers, so I will be exploring that for future travels.  

I can’t believe I like Texas this much, but only Austin and Fredricksburg.  I had hoped to go to Big Bend and Marfa, but that will have to wait.  We depart tomorrow for the Moten Ranch and then north.  I will be posting about our travels east.  Thanks for staying tuned.

For more about Fredricksbrug, read this informative blog:

Rest in Peace LBJ and Lady Bird.

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