My very successful sister Robin, lives in Los Angeles and works for the Mouse, AKA Disney.  She is a newly named VP!  Robin lived on Long Island prior to signing on full-time with Disney and moving to Los Angeles.  I will head to Long Island for the remainder of the summer and looking forward to cooler temperatures and ocean breezes.  Robin visits her home as much as possible, so renting is not an option.   GOOD FOR ME!

This year my arrival is delayed due to major remodeling of two bathrooms and rebuilding the deck.  We started the building permit process last summer, and only got the approval in April.   Robin had hoped her contractor could do the work last fall.  Anyone who has done remodeling understands construction has its own clock, which runs backwards most of the time.

I am a lucky woman to have great friends Liz and Tim, where I have been visiting for 3 weeks.  Even if I try to walk Lola and cook lots of fun dishes.  I have certainly outworn my welcome.  My favorite new recipe is cold chili noodles, compliments of the New York Times Cooking column.  I love to cook and try new recipes, but my 20’ Airstream and cooking for one, limits my creative juices.  Scout’s kitchen is the best of all floor plans, a double sink and lots of counter space — for a trailer.   I admit, I miss my food processor.

Thursday I will collect Scout from her parking place in St. Michaels, MD and head to Coopersburg, PA for a quick visit with Carol and Kevin.  From Coopersburg, I will avoid NYC traffic by traveling north to New London, CT and take the ferry to Orient Point, NY at the north west fork of Long Island.   The ferry is a great deal $66 to avoid the Verrazano Bridge and Long Island Expressway.  Last year I made a wrong turn and ended up on the Southern State Parkway, where RVs and trucks are not allowed.   Once on the road, there was no turning back or places to escape.  It is time like these that a co-pilot would be wonderful.  The lowest clearance under many of the very old bridges is less than 10’.  Scout has a clearance of 9’5”.  I expected at any moment my AC unit on the top of the trailer would go flying off, after a huge crashing sound.  I will never go that way again!

My first activity at Robin’s will be to take everything out of the trailer, clean the cabinets, and sort clothes.  It is time to do some downsizing.  Even in a 20’ trailer you tend to pick-up stuff along the way.  While I subscribe to the run “something in, something out”.  My discipline slips as I stuff, stuff in the overhead bins.  I always have Goodwill donation bag as I drive along the Road2Reinvention.  Robin’s house give me an opportunity to reorganize and plan winter 2020 travels.

Golf and daily walks on the beach will occupy my time until October 19, my tentative departure date from Long Island and drive back to Cary, NC.  Sister Becky, brother-in-law Chuck, and I have tickets to hear Emmy Lou Harris on November 8, and Mom’s 90th birthday is November 25.

It has been great to visit D.C. and catch-up with lots of friends.  It has been very hot and humid, and my favorite public pool feels like a bath tub after a couple of laps.  Friends I missed this visit, I hope to see you on the return in October.

I am one lucky woman.  Great friends, family and places to visit.  I look forward to being back in Scout, even for a short time.

3 thoughts on “HOW LUCKY CAN ONE WOMAN BE?

  1. What a wonderful life you have Alison. Melissa is off fishing today so that you will have fresh fish when we see you in a few weeks. Can’t wait to bob in the pool and play cards well into the night! Yaaaaay!

  2. enjoyed your update, fellow traveler. If you are still passing thru New London, Walt’s cousin Janie lives and bases there. She has a travato and shares our activity and mindful pursuits. I see you two enjoying a good Trump/GOP bashing over a few glasses of vino on her front porch overlooking the NL harbor. She’ll be in St. Augustine at our rv park for the month of Jan. w/her little dog Betty. We’ve all got to meet then!

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