I enjoy and pride myself on trying to fix stuff, with the help of YouTUBE.  I have thought it might be fun to do my own Do-it-Yourself videos.  Get some cute coveralls, possibly a funny hat?  BUT, I am not at all photogenic, especially when I am doing repairs.  I tend to sweat — not perspire — I sweat.  Water running down my face and stinging my eyes.  A good imperssonation of Nixon at his debate.  This is not a good look, especially on YouTUBE.

After collecting Scout from her parking spot in Oxford, MD, I drove to Coopersburg, PA to visit Carol and Keven.  Carol was working on purging stuff, and Scout needed a good going over after being stationary for three weeks in extremely hot temperatures.  Airing out and cleaning was definately required.  It is amazing how dirty a trailer can become just sitting, collecting spiders and dust.  Worst of all, I failed to turn on the propane, so the refrigerator had not been running.  Never leave a RV refridgerator closed and not operating – the smell the mold!  I threw away everything and gave it a good scrubbing with bleach.  

But the more serious, yet another undetected problem is there was no power!  When I arrived at the campground in New London, CT it was 90+ degrees in the shade.  I plugged in the 30 AMP power cord, the lights and thermostat came on, but the roof air conditioning unit did not kick-in.  No AC, no fun.  I was sweating like crazy!

After watching several more YouTUBE videos I suspected it might be a circuit breaker issue.  Scout has three circuit breakers located behind a panel under the refrigerator.   It is easy to cut the power, just unhook the 30 AMP cord.  But, I was not sure how to cut the current running from the solar panel on the roof.  I needed a ladder.   Electricity you don’t take lightly.  I was afraid my might shock myself at best, or set my hair on fire at worst.

Thankfully, after sunset the temperature dropped slightly, and the MAXX Air ceiling fans were operating.  I felt like I was tent camping again.

I left the following morning, hopped the New London, CT to Orient Point, and arrived Westhampton. 

Scout went to WES RV Repair this morning in Wading River, NY.  I look forward to the prognosis, but not the bill.

Thankfully, I am at Robin’s lovely Westhampton home for summer and into fall, enjoying the air conditioning and the pool.

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