I remember how hard it was to go back to work after Labor Day.  Ironic that Labor Day marks the end of summer.  My last 17 years of work revolved around the Congressional Calendar, and we all lived for August.  Congress left town and we all got a breather.  I love summer.  I never want it to end, my Airstream life is a true blessing.  I follow the sun.  Summer on Long Island, in Westhampton and winter in warmth.

This year I am staying in Westhampton longer, until late October.  I hope for an Indian Summer, and today sitting on the deck with a beckoning pool, it still feels like summer.

The Tuesday after Labor Day Monday is called Tumble Weed Tuesday.  Who Knew?  There is not a tumble weed within a thousand miles of Long Island.  But the city people have gone back to work and the Westhampton village is full of 50% sales, and the shops are soon to close.  The full-timers are always glad to see the tourist leave, but it is a mixed blessing.  Marginal restaurants will close never to reopen.  Next summer will bring new owners with great expectations.

Anyone who wants to open a restaurant should be committed to the nearest “nut house”.  To prove my point The New Yorker just republished Anthony Bourdain’s first article on eating in restaurants later turned into Kitchen Confidential.

I am not a foodie, but I admired and loved Anthony Bourdain, as so many of us.  I still isten to Kitchen Confidential when I can’t sleep.  His voice soothes me to sleep, but I have also incorporated his cooking ‘orders’.  I no longer buy garlic, shallots or any other herbs in plastic tubes.  I chop in his honor.

Time is flying by.  Soon it will be November, Scout, Maggie and I will head south with the snowbirds.  Last summer I had too many things to do, remodeling Scout’s interior.  This year I have been totally lazy.  My plan this summer is to take everything out of Scout, and re-evaluate.  The rule of living in an RV is throwing something out if you want to bring something new in.  But more to the point, if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, it has to go!

So today I pulled all my clothes out of Scout, and I plan to reduce by 50%.  Even in a 20’ trailer I seem to accumulate too much STUFF!

I also have a few things to repair.  The bathroom fan quit working, which means climbing up on the roof.  I also put a good size dent backing into Robin’s driveway.   Those tree limbs are dangerous, (Stop laughing Michelle).  I have been watching lots of YOUTUBE video about pulling out dents and bought a dent puller tool at Harbor Freight.

I can’t tell you how beautiful it is today in Westhampton.  I will be jumping into the pool after writing and posting this.  Maggie and I will go to the beach at sunset.  I am writing this on sister’s Robin’s beautifully (newly remodeled) deck, how lucky am I?



  1. What a great post! You sound so content and that is what we retirees strive for…. pure contentment.

    Thank you for sharing part of your summer with Melissa and me. It is always the high spot of the season.

    Safe travels my friend!

  2. So hard to believe that there are only a few more weeks left in the “official” summer and that the seasons will be changing. It seems just like yesterday you were writing from Arizona. I am sorry to hear about the dent in Scout! I hope the dent puller does the job and look forward to an update. I always enjoy reading your posts and thank you for your wonderful stories.

  3. I so enjoyed reading your post. You have an an amazing life with amazing adventures. I absolutely agree with Mary Ann you sound so content. Please jump in and get back out of the pool three times..once for yourself, once for Mary Ann and once for me. We have such a great time with you on Long Island.

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