I have seven days to finish emptying my 5’x5’x10′ storage unit.  Thanks to Craig’s list and Facebook Marketplace I have sold stuff for $20 to $50 and donated lots to the Hospice Thrift Shop. At my first meeting with a potential buyer, she agreed to meet at 10:30 a.m.  At 10:20 a.m. she texted to say she was just leaving; 45 minutes later, she shows up and says, no I don’t I want it.  A harbinger of things to come?  Luckily and my other sales have gone well and I am down to family photos and odds and ends.  I only wish I had done this when I left Washington, D.C., and not brought stuff to FL.  The D.C. population is very transient lots of college students and interns.  What was I thinking?  For a moment I thought I might buy a condo in Florida, so a storage unit made sense at the time.

I have stopped my autopay and will be out of the storage unit on February 28.  Whatever is left is going to be “chucked in the bin”.  It is the family photos I feel really bad about, but a woman with no kids, don’t have anyone to give photos to, so they will be the last to be chucked.

After 4 years, I really didn’t remember what I thought I wanted, or would want?  I am surprised every time I open a box.  Boxes of books?  Sheets, pillows and other linens?  And, a lot of kitchen stuff.   I admit I love kitchen gadgets, pots, and pans, my Cuisinart food processor, Kitchen Aid mixer, etc.   

I did find my Imelda Marcos golf shoe collection.  They are all in plastic shoe boxes, and in great shape.  Did I really need all those golf shoes?  Did Imelda ever ask herself if she needed all those shoes?  I have two pairs of golf shoes in Scout, and they do me just fine.

It is my 66 birthday and seems the very best time to lighten the load.  When my Dad died all he had to his name was a watch.  We gave it away, what are four daughters going to do with a silly man’s watch. 

Seven days and counting with some cash in hand, and FREE of stuff!


5 thoughts on “PITCH IT IN THE BIN

  1. Happy Birthday, Alison! So great to lighten the load. We have too, too much stuff. I’m sure you are thinking about Nevada today, and your old pal Harry Reid, who still is wielding his influence and sharing his wisdom.

  2. Good for you! We too are in the process of cleaning out our house …not because we’re going anywhere anytime soon, but just because we will at some point. i am amazed at the stuff we can give away ,,,i post it on the neighborhood listserv and they come for it! i do wonder about some of the stuff we have accumulated. What were we thinking!

  3. Put the pictures in an envelope and send them – anonymously – to a niece or nephew. Or take them to Costco and have them saved digitally. Buy one of those electronic rotating picture albums – it’ll fit in Scout and who knows what inspired words or thoughts will flow from seeing them. That’s the problem with paper pictures – nobody looks at them for years. Tell us a story about your Dad’s watch….and keep on truckin!

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