If you aren’t scared you should be, that according to my niece Rachel an emergency room doc; and Marina, Michelle’s daughter an emergency room physician assistant.  Both are confirming there is not enough protective equipment for medical personnel and it is only going to get worse.   They ask, “please, stay the F*^K home”.

So after making plans to travel north including lots of campground reservations I am staying put in FL for the foreseeable future.  I feel very safe here because I am in the out of doors and certainly more than 6 feet away from anyone.  All my Canadian friends left days ago to get across the border to the safety of their health care system.

After the Spring Break fiasco, the local governments have closed public beaches, including our favorite dog beach Walton Rocks.  Many of the local golf courses are still open.   Keeping 6 feet from fellow golfers is not a problem, so far.  If the courses close I can always walk on, there is no one there to take your money or tell you to get off.  I remember my first Christmas in Washington, D.C. the temperature was in the 60s and I called Mom in Alaska to let her know I was playing golf.  Even if the course was officially closed.

Speaking of Mom, she and Erv are in their assisted living home together, but no visitors are allowed and their meals are being brought to them in their apartment.   Fortunately, they can go outside and get fresh air, take their meals out on the patio.  But, isolation even with another person isn’t what any of us would wish for.  We are so woefully unprepared.

I especially feel for the grocery store workers and truck drivers in their valent effort to keep shelves stocked. They should get hazard pay.  I am going to start tipping the cashier $10.  Thank goodness FL grocery stores sell wine and beer.  It reminded me of the first Snowmageddon in Washington, D.C., I stood in line with Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis at the Capitol Hill Safeway, we both agreed we could go for days with canned food but not without wine.  Floridians have commented this is worse than any hurricane they have experienced.  Isles are empty and not just toilet paper.

I don’t have a large pantry or refrigerator.  I enjoy shopping every few days and buying fresh produce and fish.  Now I have a real challenge of how to pack my fridge and even smaller freezer.

Looking through my lifetime of photos from my storage unit and photos on my phone, it is inconceivable what has happened.  Just days ago I was walking on public beaches, swimming and playing golf.  Now we are hunkered down because of an invisible enemy.   There are millions of refugees around the world fleeing bombs dropping on their homes.  Bombs you can see and hear.   I hope if nothing else comes out of this horrific event we might be more sympathetic to refugees and other displaced persons fleeing violence in their communities.  We are the most privileged and wealthy nation in the world, but we are also vulnerable.  Walls and bombs won’t stop viruses.   If we don’t work together we will die together.

Be safe and keep hope alive.

6 thoughts on “BEST LAID PLANS

  1. Alison
    Please stay safe and healthy.
    It is very sad that we have such a worthless president in these trying times. He really doesn’t have a clue.

  2. Your compassionate remarks regarding those less fortunate than us is so right on. Hopefully we will all start to see that our over consumption is all part of the world problems. Wayne and I are in self isolation now as he just returned home last Friday. Common sense says that I too should be in isolation. Very scary times here too. Take care of yourself.

  3. Hi Alison

    Just got around to subscribing to your blog. Love it. Ontario made it law to self isolate for 14 days if you are
    Returning to Canada from out of country including USA. Got 5 more days to go finding it difficult – missing the sun and warmth of Florida. But if isolation keeps us safe and helps prevent the spread it is worth he sacrifice.
    Be careful and Safe. Friends Lynne and Paul from Canada

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