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Sorry for not writing sooner, the last few months of 2020 were tough for all of us, and I just couldn’t bring myself to write.

There are no words for the U.S. Capitol being mobbed and ransacked by crazy people 1/6/21.  As you know, I lived in Washington D.C. from 1999 to 2016 and loved the city, and mostly walking my favorite borrow-a-dog Lilly on the National Mall.  I always marveled at the people from all over the world taking their picture in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol dome.  The world’s symbol of democracy.  

Lilly was a great dog.

As an Advocate, aka Lobbyist, I went in and out of the Capitol almost every week for 17 years.  Just when I learned the way through the underground tunnels, 9/11 happened and security tightened restricting public access.  A few years ago, those restrictions began to lift, and we could again walk underground (with an authorized pass), but I am certain the tunnels will again be off-limits to the public conducting business in the Halls of Congress after the horror of 1/6/21.

What are we to do?  It is hard to sit by and watch this craziness.   Our country, flawed as it is, is still the very best place to live.  Especially my life visiting beautiful places, we are so very fortunate to have state and national parks to enjoy.  We need to continue to work for equity and shared prosperity.  But, that is for another blog.

So where have I been these past few months?

My summer of campground hosting was a great experience.  Starting at Westmoreland State park Virginia and finishing at Myrtle Beach State park South Carolina.  November and December at Myrtle Beach was great, horses on the beach, golf nearby and Becky and Chuck even came for a socially distanced visit.

Like all of us, I am desperate to hug my family and friends, eat inside at restaurants, go to a movie theater on a rainy day, hear live music and go to concerts, farmers markets and art festivals, etc. Thankfully, I am around people outside in campgrounds, six feet or farther away.

These campers were the exception, they had a bondfire!

Myrtle Beach was the first hosting position where 20-30 hours was required, which meant working indoors at the camp store.  I prefer the outside work of cleaning fire pits and checking campground sites.  Campers have been incredibly and unexpectedly responsible.  I really anticipated lots of trash and clean up, but that is not what I have experienced.   Campers love their state parks, good for them!

Heading south I made a quick stop at Hilton Head to visit Alaska pal Deb Bloom at her new Palmetto Dunes Resort art studio, three golf courses and pickle ball.  We were able to play 9 holes, see the ocean in the background.

Again, I am wintering in sunny Florida at the Port Saint Lucie RV Resort.  RV Resort means parking lot with a swimming pool.  Deb’s resort is a real “resort”, golf courses, swimming pools.

Maggie at Cliff Dr. cove, Laguna, CA. 2018

I am surrounded by Trumpers at the Port St. Lucie RV Resort.  Thankfully, there are some sane people, mostly Canadians and people from the northeast.  I met a very nice couple the first week I arrived from Laguna Beach, CA, Jeff and Val.  I love Laguna!  My family went to Laguna several summers before we moved the Anchorage, Alaska.  I made the mistake of asking if they supported Trump, they did and I distanced myself more than 6 feet.  They were only at the resort for a week, so I was able to avoid them.   It might have been different if they were here for the winter.  I felt bad after, but oh well.

Thank goodness for the Canadians, and of course Michelle and Duane.   Michelle is my very best friend from Alaska, we have known each other since working together at the Alaska State Ombudsman, Michelle was in Juneau and I lived in Anchorage.  We communicated by email in 1985!  Think about that? Email in 1985.  The Ombudsman was in the legislative branch of government and Alaska was awash in oil money.  Michelle and Duane are being very careful, so we visit around their pool.

Life is good here until April, and then I will head north for more campground hosting!  I promise to write more, and really appreciate those of you still reading.

As Mary Chapin Carpenter says, “stay strong, stay healthy, and stay mighty”.

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  1. So glad you are doing well, Alison! Miss you. The ugly and painful fences around our beloved Capitol break my heart. Like you, I have so many memories of walking outdoors across the Capitol and enjoying the gardens and view from the “Hill” (can’t even do that now). We must be able to petition our elected representatives, and not just by email and phone. It’s especially infuriating that there are Members of Congress contributing to the security problem. First, Gabby Giffords was almost assassinated while meeting her constituents in person back in her district, and now we have MOC bringing firearms in and stoking attacks on the Capitol and its “family” of Members, staff, cafeteria and other workers who keep the place beautiful and make it run smoothly, and the Capitol Police. Be well, and see you when you come North and after I’m vaccinated.

  2. Hi Alison!
    I really enjoy reading your blog!
    Ken and I hope to go to Palm Springs next winter when Covid is behind us. Hopefully we will see you again and have a game of golf!
    It is so cold this week in Saskatchewan -45 Celsius!
    Take care, stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
    Cathy Morrow

  3. So nice to hear from you and your travels. We are all jealous of you being able to have sun and an ocean so close.
    Life here in Ottawa is very quiet. We walk, snowshoe, cross country ski and read. Wayne and I have just started playing pinochle on line with Lynn and Paul. It fun and the computer does the math making the game go faster. We are still in lock down with a possibility of some restrictions being lifted soon.
    My knee replacement went well as well as some periodontal surgery. This was a good year to have this done as there was not much to do but heal.
    Take care of you. I think of you often and hope when Covid is over we will see you in Ottawa.

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