This winter Canadians are enjoying a real cold and snowy winter.   I have met and remained friends with several Canadian RVers during my winters in Stuart, Florida; Tucson, Arizona and Palm Springs, California.  But this year, the border is closed.

A few years ago, in Palm Springs walking on for a round of golf I met three wonderful Canadian women about to tee off.  Their husbands were ahead of us, and we had a fun round.  We played that day and played several rounds together.  Not in 2021.

Last year in Florida, I met two nice Canadian couples, not golfers but enjoyed playing cards.  When Liz went home for knee surgery, I got to sit in as the fourth for Pinocle.  I enjoyed the company, but not necessarily the game.  No Pinocle, card games of any kind in 2021.  Hard to play cards six feet apart, not to mention passing the cards.

Last year I also met my newest golf gal friend Diane.  Diane is almost a Canadian because she lives in Maine.  We are bothnpassionate for golf and play well together.  Unfortunately, for safety Diane isn’t in Florida for this winter.  I miss you Diane everytime I walk on alone.

I met Phyllis and Chris at the Cactus Country RV resort in Tucson, AZ, and we became golf and dog walking pals.   They are from Michigan, and have good politics.

Sometimes it is difficult to find like minded campers or golfers.  My best hint is check the license plates or nationality.  Canadians are socialists, and you have better odds with blue or northeast states.

The joy of being a full-time RVer is meeting new people and hopefully in the future meeting again along the road.  I tend to return to places where I have friends, thus Tucson and Palm Springs are on my mind for 2022.

I am already signed up for campground hosting this summer for return engagements:  Westmoreland, First Landing and Kiptopeke Virginia state parks.  I am very excited to have a new park on my calendar for June, the North Carolina Kerr Lake Recreation Area, J.C. Cooper Campground.

Hey, friends trapped in your homes, think about camping this summer!  All these parks have cabins and yurts, or you can rent a camper!   Hopefully by summer we’ll be vaccinated, but we will still need to be careful socially distancing and wearing masks.  Here are my assignments for summer 2021:

May — Shanendoah River VA State Park, Bentonville, VA

June — J.C. Cooper Kerr Lake Recreation Area, Henderson, NC (site 91)

July & August — First Landing VA State Park, Virginia Beach, VA (Kendall Loop)

September — Kiptopeke VA State Park, Cape Charles, VA (C-10)

I am looking forward to summer.  The possibility to hug my Mom, visiting in person friends in Washington D.C.

Until then Maggie is enjoying her new haircut, daily walks on the beach, and my golf game is scoring in the 90s and I am hoping to break 89.  Stay tuned.







  1. Hi it is lynne and Paul McDonald
    we,are not in V3 Florida this year but playing cards (Pinochle)
    on line with Wayne and Elizabeth who live in Ottawa and did not go to Florida either
    glad to hear you are doing ok

  2. Hi Alison! We miss Palm Springs so much. The weather has been dreadfully cold this week -40 Celsius as an average. Ken and I hope to return to Palm Springs next January 2022. I love reading your blog. I commend you for living the life in your RV and travelling state to state. Please know when Covid is behind us you are more than welcome to come visit and of course GOLF!! Take care, stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong! Cathy Morrow.

  3. The pandemic definitely sucks, and I think it’s particularly hard on those who live alone. Luckily, you have Maggie and get lots of outdoors time. Hopefully we will be able to play together by the summer. In the meantime, there’s a new movie out (I know how you like movies) called Nomadland with Frances McDormand that looks interesting and opens in about one week. I read that she and the director lived in their vans for 4 months while shooting the film.

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