Today 3/18, I am packing up and will pull out tomorrow morning from Port Saint Lucie RV Resort after almost three months in sunny FL.   Maggie and I will miss our daily beach walks.  I fondly refer to “RV resorts” as a parking lot with a swimming pool.  The pool makes up somewhat for the parking lot.

Winter in Florida has been good, lots of golf and social distancing.  BFF Michelle had shoulder replacement surgery in February, so no beach or boating together.  She is on the mend, but I have missed our beach outings.

I signed up for a Johnson & Johnson trial and got my second shot on 3/15.  I will know after April 1, if I got the real deal or a placebo.  Most everyone I know has been vaccinated, and I look forward to actually seeing Mom for the longest hug ever!  Sister Kerry will be visiting Mom which is why I am leaving before the end of March, to get to North Carolina to see them both before going to Kiptopeke.

My bad news is I have totally messed up my summer.  I thought I was registered for campground hosting all summer, NAUGHT.  Unfortunately, the Virginia website was confusing and when I thought I was “register” I wasn’t.  Totally my fault.  Opps!

I am going to host at Kiptopeke VA State Park in April, and JC Cooper Campground Kerr Lake Recreation in June.  I am wait listed and hoping other hosts will cancel, so I can fill-in.  Also, I am calling other campgrounds to find potential vacancies.  Fingers crossed.  I love Kiptopeke and am thrilled I get to return for April.  I am really looking forward to being at JC Cooper (a new campground for me) on the Virginia North Carolina border, Kerr lake is huge the state border runs right through the middle of the lake.

I will be so glad to be back in a beautiful state park and out of the parking lot.  Needless to say I am very disappointed, but something will turn up.  Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “BEST LAID PLANS…

  1. I like the new truck. Good choice! Sorry to hear your hosting didn’t go well. Will try and make the JC Cooper so we can play some cards.

  2. Leaving a beach and pool for lakes and forests is a delightful community to live and explore within. I just know you’ll find other campgrounds to host in and if all fails beautiful Maine waits for you. Safe travels

  3. Oy. If you find yourself between gigs, we in the DC area would always welcome an in-person visit, perhaps outside somewhere. (I got my first shot today!)

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