Living alone in a 20’ travel trailer, there are many things you fear might happen.  But the fear of falling takes top prize.  I know better than to hang my left foot off the golf cart when making my rounds, so why did I do it?  Stupidity on my part.  The first week I was at Kiptopeke VA State Park navigating between two trees I caught my left foot between the cart and a tree.  Really stupid.   Hit the gas instead of the break, making matters worse.  Three weeks later still hobbling around I finally went to an orthopedic, and yes, my middle toe is broken.  I am wearing a boot, and my foot feels so much better, thank goodness it is my left foot so I can drive.

I should be all healed by the time I visit Washington, D.C. in May.  Maggie is looking forward to daily trips to the Congressional Cemetery with her BFF Lola.

I have been meaning to write about people I meet along the road.  I am not living like those featured in the movie Nomadland, rather I am surrounded by family campers and retirees.  State and Federal campgrounds are so much better than “RV Resorts”.   Or Boondocking, which was depicted in the movie (free camping on public lands, no water or electric). At Kiptopeke, my co-host was a funny little man named John.  If I had to guess I would have placed him in the Trumper category, but I was wrong.  John boasted of is four ex-wives and numerous children.  He had survived a very bad car accident that kept in bed for almost a year, with two broken arms and other injuries.  John’s little dog, “Little Man” was a tiny Yorkie, that John was allergic too but still loved.  He was fun to work with, and more progressive than I would have guessed.  A real character.

Also, at Kiptopeke I met Karen.  New to solo RV life she was heading to Vermont for a two month “work camping” assignment.  Her experiences had not been great, cleaning bathrooms and chopping brush, so why she was trying again in VT was beyond me.  I will stick to campground hosting.  It did not appear she needed extra income, so I wasn’t sure why she was subjecting herself to hard labor.  Especially, when she has a horse at home that has his own website and been on the national news as the smartest horse alive.  Check out playingwithlukas.com.  Lukas can do lots of tricks, and count to 5.   If I had Lukas I won’t want to leave him for a life of work camping, but it takes all kinds.

At Myrtle Beach I met the LUV SUBBIN YouTube stars that have helped me with Airstream repairs including replacing a window by watching their DIY videos.  You can learn to do anything on YouTube.  LUV SUBBIN or Rich and Cindy have a channel, website, etc.  After watching many of their DIY videos, I felt like I had met movie stars when they showed up at the Myrtle Beach State Campground.

At the Port Saint Lucie RV Resort, I met Tara a recovering hair stylist.  Tara has a salon in Indiana and gave me a free hair cut I desperatley needed.  Like me, her co-pilot was a very sweet chocolate lab named Roxy.  Tara was exploring a new venture of creating window herb gardens for RVs.  Her dream was to travel to farmers markets and sell herbs with specialty cocktail recipes.

Ted and Nancy gave Maggie treats every morning when we passed by and I appreciated when their outside TV was on it was tuned to MSNBC.  It is people like these and others, that I need a  greeting card (aka business card), so I can share contact info and hopefully my new RV friends will subscribe to this blog and stay in touch, and maybe meet again in another campground.

This week we head for North Carolina, I don’t have a hosting position for May, so Scout (aka Airstream trailer) will go into storage and I will visit family and spend time in Washington, D.C. with friends that all have been stuck with the vaccine, and we can get together in a responsible socially distant manner.

In June I will be at Kerr Lake Recreation Area for hosting at JC Cooper Campground part of the North Carolina State Park system.

Stay tuned, and please subscribe on the webpage: www.Road2Reinvention.net.




  1. What a great posting. You always have had a way of meeting the most interesting people in the room. Enjoy your time with family and friends.

  2. So sorry about your foot. I hope it is better now.
    You do meet some very interesting people on the road. I read Nomadland and watched the movie and enjoyed both so much but did find the book more interesting. So happy the Oscars came through for the movie. It is refreshing to see real people in ordinary clothes and no makeup win Running shoes win Oscars.
    Love your blogs.

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