Bay Breeze RV Park, Gulf Shores, AL

Bay Breeze, the friendliest RV Park on the Gulf.  Jerry and Paulette are resident owners to this lovely 25 space RV park on the Bon Secour Bay.  Jerry takes special pride in backing new guest into your space, which I very much appreciated.  He is a perfectionist and your rig will be straight and level.  There are other RV parks to choose from but by far, Bay Breeze is the one you will want to return to.  Located close to Gulf State Park, Kiva Dunes, Peninsula and Gulf Shores Golf Courses.  There are no permanent residents, or module homes.  This is truly a vacation RV park.  Laundry and clean toilet and shower facilities.

Santee, SC and Cypress Point Campground

Camping in the winter is the very best.  NO Kids!  The farther south you go campgrounds aren’t full of kids, but senior citizens are a problem.   Snow-birds flying south for the winter – understandably.  I am now one of them,  Who knew?  I have enjoyed my first 2017-18 winter foray into state and national campgrounds at the Santee State Park, South Carolina is a treasure.  Virtually uninhabited, because it isn’t summer. 

Cypress Point has had recent improvements, new gravel pads and asphalt roads.   As the volunteer campground host Rick pointed out, the kids with skateboards and bikes will love it.  Thankfully, I won’t be here for summer vacation.  The beauty of camping in the winter, is the ‘little darlings’ are in school.  And, all of 5+ campers and myself have the place to ourselves, it is practically deserted.  

In addition to a lovely campground, there are 30 cabins both on land and water.  Again, summer would not be the optimum season, heat and kids – an awful full combination.  But fall and spring — Brilliant!

Maggie and I had a lovely 2 mile walk, but I am still “organizing” Scout.  We leave tomorrow for St. Augustine, FL for 2 days, and then on to meet pals Michelle and Duane, on 12/18.  I am a month behind, and now rushing to catch-up for holiday boating and RVing.  2 if by sea, and 1 by land.  

I will say this place is absolutely beautiful and peaceful.  I hope to return, in the fall, the golf courses look amazing.  And the kids will again be in school.