As a single 60+ woman who loves to play golf, I walk-on to courses and immediately get ‘the stare’.  Three men on the first tee and they see me coming, and the look of: “Oh no, we might have to play with a woman”.  

TRANSLATION:  She will play slow and want to talk.

But nothing could be further from the truth.  I play to enjoy the beauty of the course, and the meditation of the game.  Anyone who does not play will never understand the mental requirements of golf.  It isn’t who you are playing with or against.  You are playing your game against the course and keeping any thoughts, not about golf and the course will seriously hurt your game.  Especially, when players want to talk about politics.  

There is a game I play when I am paired with three guys.  How long will it take them to ask me who I am or what I do?  A single woman on a golf course is somewhat unusual.  Once they see I am serious about my game and don’t want to talk with them, they get interested.  

Go figure?