About us

We look forward to hearing from you, or meeting you somewhere on the Road2Reinvention.

In the winter of 2017-18, Maggie (the rescue dog) and I are returning to the Road2Reinvention, after a summer on Long Island, NY.  We plan to follow the sun and stay in warm climates, where temperatures are hopefully above 55 degrees.  Points of interest are National and State Parks, public golf courses, and visiting friends and family in the Lower 48, aka Continental U.S.  10890126204383184149

Born in Southern California in the newly created 1950s suburbs of Orange County.   My parents moved my three sisters and I, from Southern California to Anchorage, Alaska in 1968.  My parents were NUTS!  It was like moving from Woodstock to Happy Days, a total culture shock.   I worked for a year after graduation from HS, to earn enough money to  travel to Europe during the summer of 1973.  I returned to Anchorage, Alaska and worked until I realized I needed a college degree.  I graduated from University of Oregon in 1982.

My Cousin Karen and I traveled to China, here she is on the Great Wall

Again returning to Anchorage, Alaska, I worked and took another travel sabbatical to Asia in 1985.

I came of age in Anchorage, Alaska from 1968-95.  Since I lived in Alaska, I have no reason to return.  Been there and done that.  While I still consider Anchorage, Alaska home, I no longer go there.  I will share my tales of growing up and coming of age in Alaska.  Especially, Alaska’s decline from the progressive “Last Frontier” to going bat-shit crazy and rabid Republican in the 1990s.   Alaska was a place where everyone and everything was new.  But the state made a hard right turn, and the creation of Sarah Palin and other conservatives nuts, is why I left.  

Alaska to Nevada was my first “reinvention”.

Four years in Carson City, Nevada I enjoyed exploring the Sierra Nevada Mountains from 1995-99.   I learned to play golf there, and became addict.  My 2nd reinvention was in 1999 when I loved from Carson City, to  Washington D.C., and became a lobbyist for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  

17 years of walking the halls of the U.S. Capitol talking to Members of Congress advocating for workers on behalf of unions, I saw our Democracy up close and personal.   The money and the gerrymandering of congressional districts have corrupted and stolen our democracy.  

I couldn’t stand it anymore.   In June 2016, I sold my 3 story row house on Capitol Hill, got rid of most of my furniture and stuff, especially my professional clothes!   


Sisters Robin, Kerry, me, Bess the dog, and Becky. Circa 1960, from left to right.

Growing up in CA, my fondest memories are of Mom renting a tear-drop trailer, piling the family in the station wagon and heading to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and a National or State Parks.    

I am reverting to my childhood.

In 2016 bought a 19′ Airstream International in Houston, TX, and spent the winter of 2017 driving west to California.  I spent the summer on Long Island at my sister Robin’s beautiful home in Westhampton, NY.

In September 2017, I sold Scout #1 and upgraded to a 20′ Flying Cloud: Scout #2. It is amazing what an additional one foot and 10 inches will get you in an Airstream.  A kitchen with counter space and lots more storage. 

Thanks for joining us on our Road2 Reinvention.

Now please sing along with my favorite Kathy Mettea song, Further and Further Away.