2016 Resolution – Downsizing

1655 Gales 1 How to move from a three story row house in Washington, D.C. to a 19′ International Airstream ?  Two words: Craig’s List!

Why do we love stuff?  Does it make us happy?  I doubt it.  In 2007, I moved from a one-bedroom walk-up 2nd floor apartment in SE Washington, D.C. to a row house in NE.

The stairs in a walk-up were the best for restricting stuff I thought I wanted in the apartment.  First lesson, I bought a couch from North Carolina, only to find it would not fit up the stairs.  Back on the truck and good-bye deposit.  So seven years later I am wishing I still lived in that one-bedroom, and not three floors of furniture and stuff.  Especially, since I spend the majority 1655 Gales 2of my time in the kitchen – yes, I enjoy cooking, and the bedroom – I really enjoy sleeping.

I haven’t bought the Airstream yet!  So downsizing is happening in stages:  1st, a POD, for the stuff I can’t part with.   2nd, Craig’s list.  3rd, charity.

I can’t wait to give away all my professional clothes.

So my 2016 new year resolution is to fit into a small space.  Here we go!


2015 wasn’t pretty, and certainly wasn’t nice.

Without a doubt 2015 has been my worst year.  What happened to my good karma is the question?  I have always landed on my feet and seemed to be in the right place at the right time. That all came crashing down in 2015.

I started the year with a great job, a wonderful house living in Washington, D.C., a city I have loved since my arrival in 1999.   Getting fired at age 60 in January, burglarized in February and broken wrist in July made me come to the realization my time in D.C. has come to an end.

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