2016 Resolution – Downsizing

1655 Gales 1 How to move from a three story row house in Washington, D.C. to a 19′ International Airstream ?  Two words: Craig’s List!

Why do we love stuff?  Does it make us happy?  I doubt it.  In 2007, I moved from a one-bedroom walk-up 2nd floor apartment in SE Washington, D.C. to a row house in NE.

The stairs in a walk-up were the best for restricting stuff I thought I wanted in the apartment.  First lesson, I bought a couch from North Carolina, only to find it would not fit up the stairs.  Back on the truck and good-bye deposit.  So seven years later I am wishing I still lived in that one-bedroom, and not three floors of furniture and stuff.  Especially, since I spend the majority 1655 Gales 2of my time in the kitchen – yes, I enjoy cooking, and the bedroom – I really enjoy sleeping.

I haven’t bought the Airstream yet!  So downsizing is happening in stages:  1st, a POD, for the stuff I can’t part with.   2nd, Craig’s list.  3rd, charity.

I can’t wait to give away all my professional clothes.

So my 2016 new year resolution is to fit into a small space.  Here we go!


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