2015 wasn’t pretty, and certainly wasn’t nice.

Without a doubt 2015 has been my worst year.  What happened to my good karma is the question?  I have always landed on my feet and seemed to be in the right place at the right time. That all came crashing down in 2015.

I started the year with a great job, a wonderful house living in Washington, D.C., a city I have loved since my arrival in 1999.   Getting fired at age 60 in January, burglarized in February and broken wrist in July made me come to the realization my time in D.C. has come to an end.

I should have known something was about to go terribly wrong in November 2014, when Mark re-entered my life, and disappeared just as quickly.   Why he even called me after 7 years, is still a mystery.  There will be many tales of love and loss or just at a loss, about men.

Alaskan women have an expression, “the odds are good, but the goods are odd”.  I am a pre-Palin Alaskan woman, having left Anchorage in 1995 in an earlier version of reinvention.

I have reinvented myself several times, usually after a heart break.  The Reinvention was the best thing, so here we go again.

Did you read Eat, Prey, Love?  That really stupid book that was on the best seller list forever.  It has to be one of the worst books, movies and stories read, watched or heard.  REALLY?  How can I say that?

Why should anyone feel sympathy for a woman who divorced her husband and had the resources to spend the next year traveling and eating her way to happiness.   If she had been earning minimum wage, we would have never heard of her, because she would be too busy working three jobs, rather than traveling to three countries.

This Blog will be about real people in my life and who we meet on the road.  So buckle your seat belts, it is going to be a bumpy ride.  Thank you Betty Davis.

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