PGA Florida over rated and priced

Florida golf is super cheap in the summer and goes through the roof as soon as the snow birds return.  I played the Fazio Course at PGA National, in Palm Beach in August with a nice group from Meet Up, paid $45.  But, in October the group corporate rate was $175.  Yikes! 

fullsizeoutput_331The Fazio course was in good shape and pace of play was terrific, but it wasn’t worth $175.  I figure I could have played 3-5 rounds at other comparable courses for the price of that round at PGA.

The weather was hot and rained a bit in August, and in October it was overcast. 

The course is remarkably straight forward and not overly difficult. Water comes into play on a number of holes, and of course I found the water on several.  I was in the bunkers more than the water, thankfully. 


Velveeta Cheese at PGA.

Finishing 18, we headed for the club house to be greeted by an over-priced menu, served with plastic cups and tableware.  Really, a resort can’t afford to use silverware and glasses.  But adding insult to injury ($$$), the Nachos are made with Velveeta Cheese – unbelievable!

The PGA Fazio Course at Palm Beach, FL get a triple bogey rating!

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