Wish the Car Guys Were still on NPR.

I am a huge fan of “Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers” on Car Talk.  For more than 30 years two Boston brothers took calls from people all over the country to get advice about their cars and need for repair.  The Boston brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi were hysterical.  The joy in their laughter, helped ease the pain of learning the cost of possible repair.

Where are you Tom and Ray today when I need to talk to you?  Well, Tom is dead.  I loved these guys, every week Tom would say he couldn’t remember the puzzler.  Ray commenting on his brother’s death, said I guess he really couldn’t remember the puzzler!  

Tom would have been wanted to remembered in laughter.

So, this week when I was told the engine in my 2005 Jeep Cherokee V8 was failing, I wanted to talk to Tom and Ray.  I could hear them telling their many customers about putting more money into a car that wasn’t worth to cost of repair.  But, my Jeep has less than 40,000 miles today, is in great shape, except for the engine.  I am rebuilding the Jeep part by part.

In 2016, I bought a 2005 Jeep Cherokee in Virginia with 25,000 miles.  It was a terrific buy, low mileage, great condition and able to tow 5,000 lbs.

So now I am being told because the vehicle sat, without being driven for a significant period of time, aka low mileage, the oil tube has a clogged tube from the oil pan and the cylinders are not firing.  Two options:

  1. Tear the engine apart and clean the oil tubes and cylinders, approximate $4,000; or
  2. New engine with a 100,000 warranty, approximately $8,000.

Contributions are accepted, look to your right.  I suppose option #3 would be to buy a new/used vehicle?  Where are you Tom and Ray?  I need to talk to you.

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