Summer in the Hamptons

Taking a break from my road to reinvention and Scout (aka the Airstream), no better place to do it then Long Island, NY.  Cool breezes, cute villages, beaches and golf courses.  My sister Robin’s house is vacant due to her full-time employment with Disney in Los Angeles, so here we are.  Thank goodness for successful sister Robin’s 2 houses, one on each coast.  We spent the end of March in Robin’s Los Angeles house while she vacationed in the Galapagos Islands.

I plan to put my time to good use.  I bought a Kenmore sewing machine on Ebay for $75, and working on Scout’s new interior color scheme: curtains, pillows, quilt and cushions.  It is very satisfying to sew again. 

I don’t remember when this was taken but it is my favorite picture of Mom and I.

My mother taught all of us (my three sister and I) to sew.  We would visit Maxine’s Fabric on Saturday mornings on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena.  The store was in the basement and had tables of remnants, pieces of fabric in various lengths.  We all made most our own clothes growing up and through high school.  I remember one day walking down the halls of West Anchorage High School only to see a blouse I recognized.  My sister had borrowed (without asking) from my closet.  When you make your own clothes, they are distinctive.  You enjoy the benefits or mistakes of your work immediately.  Not like most of the work I was paid to do in my professional life. 

Years later when I was a “Director”, the young women on my staff were amazed that I could help alter bride maid dresses or other random sewing needs.  Sewing isn’t as popular as it use to be, especially when you can buy cheap clothes from China.  I also helped my dear friend Liz fix her off the rack wedding dress.  Michelle and I recovered her dining room chairs.  Again, sewing is very satisfying, and quilting is very additive.

Diane and John have been here for a quick visit, wine tasting, and preparing for their journey driving Scout cross-country for me in September.   Maggie and I will return to our road2reinvetion in October and head south for the winter.  
So, a summer in West Hampton will be productive, working on my golf game and making cushions, pillow, curtains and quilts.  Come visit!

3 thoughts on “Summer in the Hamptons

  1. I will be excited to see some pictures when you get the new items in Scout. I have a sewing machine my Dad got me in high school that continues to work as well as it did the day he gave it to me. Even though it isn’t logical since I’m downsizing for fulltime RVing, I haven’t been able to get rid of it. And I’m actually almost to the place where I am ready to say I won’t be getting rid of it. I don’t use it often anymore but I still love it.

  2. Hi Alison. Sounds like a great summer plan. I love the picture with Diane and John too (hi Diane from your AFGE lobbyist friend). If you come back through DC please let me know. The parade (on the day of your party) lasted a really long time.


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