Bill, where the hell have you been?

After a month on the east coast of Florida.  I extended my stay there, because of friends, great weather, beaches, and lots of shells.  Finally, I have returned to the road traveling west to inland Florida (why bother), Suwannee Spring ReUnion Music, and onto the Gulf of Mexico. 

The news about Facebook being used by hackers to influence the 2016 elections, reflects the lack of privacy protections when we join social media.  I hate social media, and will never tweet.  However, FB is truly helpful with keeping in touch with far-flung friends.  Jill in Thailand, Robin and Hilary travels in Africa, Susan in Indonesia, Betty and Don’s travel in Central America, Nephew David and Camilla in Italy, and so many more. 

I have to say, people who would be influenced by ads on FB, should not be allowed to vote.  Really?  FB is where you get your news from?  Nevermind, that topic is for another day.

What a very pleasant surprise to see my golf pal Bill appear on my list of “friends you might know”.  Where the hell have you been Bill?  We lost contact after Bill’s marriage to Vickie 10 years ago.  A wonderful event on Hilton Head Island, a beautiful beach house and a lovely ceremony, I was so happy to have been invited.  I was sorry to hear Vickie died last year.

Bill and I met on in 2001 (I think).  Bill messaged me, “I only meet one of your three criteria”, he wrote.  He was beyond my age and distance criteria, but he played golf.  I lived in Washington, D.C. and he lived on Hilton Head Island, SC.  Well he played golf, one out of three.

Bill and I became great golf buddies, and he has helped my golf game immeasurably.  My set-up is because of Bill, and I never stand over my tee shot without thinking of Bill.

After 10 years of absence, Bill is on FB and he lives in Long Boat Key, west of Sarasota, FL.  Another change to travel plans so I could reconnect with Bill, and meet Fluffy the dog.  We enjoyed catching up, sadly no golf.  No matter, I have decided my road is about reconnecting with friends, and meeting new ones.  Onward!


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