The very best two days of 2019, spent on a ranch outside of Austin, TX.

I am so fortunate to have met Beth in Washington D.C., and now call her a friend.  We were colleagues, but never socialized.   We saw each other in across the room in meetings.  Occasionally, on Sunday afternoons I would see Beth walking out of a movie matinee, as I was walking in.  So, I knew Beth and I were kindred spirits, we loved movies on the big screen.  Two plus hours of escape in a dark theater, where there might be a happy ending.

A few years later, I learned Beth also loved horses and enjoyed riding in her spare time.  I asked her husband Allan (also a colleague) once about the horse, Allan said, “yes, she loves the horse more than me”.

Beth announced her retirement in November 2015, I was jealous.  But, Beth gave me the kick in the ass I was looking for.  In her retirement speech Beth said, “she was done”, aka “TOAST”.  I also felt burned to a crisp.   Beth told our assembled colleagues, she had grown up on a ranch outside of Austin, TX.  She and her brother had worked hard, got good grades to get away from the ranch.  Now all she wanted was to go back to that ranch.  And, she did.

Beth was an amazing advocate for workers.  Tireless, dedicated, professional and passionate.  Now retired she is living on her family ranch herding goats and cows instead of Members of Congress.   Much more satisfying.  

I am so grateful in retirement to spend time with Beth, and her horses Hazel and Hope.  Hope is a very special horse, sweet and gentle, a wonderful riding horse.

I had the best two days of 2019, riding Hope, swimming/floating in the crispy clear river with Beth.  Drinking wine and watching the sunset, listening to the goats.

Next time, I promise to join Beth cutting brush with a chain saw.  Brush, goats, horses etc., all better and more satisfying than herding Members of Congress.  Cheers! In retirement, my friend Beth. 

THANK YOU!  Looking forward to our next visit.

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