Smashed Window, I love the city.

It is all my fault.  I know better than to leave stuff on the seat of my truck in plain view of passerbys.  Especially, in Washington, D.C.  Kids are looking for a quick score.  So, they got my $20 meter and toll road money.  They rifled through the numerous reusable shopping bags, and glove compartment.   I should have left the door unlocked, less damage.

Otherwise I am having a wonderful visit to my favorite adopted home city.  It is hot and humid, so I am swimming at the Rosedale Recreation Center in my former neighborhood.  Maggie and Lola are going to the Congressional Cemetery every day for a run around and wadding in the spa.

The majority of my friends are all still working, so trying to work in lunches and dinner visits.  I am looking forward attending Friday the Lights for Liberty protesting the mass detention of children migrants.  What would a visit to Washington, D.C. be without a protest?  There will be protests all over the country on July 12, so join me remotely. 

I advocated in Congress for passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) for 17 years.  It makes me absolutely crazy to hear what is happening on the southern border.  We are a country of immigrants who hate immigrants.  Unbelievable, and terribly sad.  FYI, there are no legal channels for most immigrants to come to the U.S., which is why they are crossing the border. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore…” still means something, as least to me.

Former colleague and friend Andrea has let me park Scout at her vacation home near St. Michaels, MD.  While I enjoy visiting Liz and Tim’s Capitol Hill home.  It is so fun to be in D.C. and not be working!  I also love the anonymity.  I use to know lots of people here and they knew me.  But, I am out of the game now and don’t care.  No more power suits, uncomfortable shoes, and make-up.  The best day of my life was giving away all my work clothes.  I should have bought stock in Nordstrom, instead of all those shoes!

Retirement is great!  I have never been so happy.  I am looking forward to heading north to sister Robin’s Long Island house for the remander of the summer and fall.  The house is getting two remodeled bathrooms and new deck.  The construction pictures look amazing!

I am commited to getting my golf scores into the 90s.



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