Today while driving to my storage unit to get rid of one more thing I encountered an angry driver.  Having lived in a city for 17 years I learned city driving techniques. First and foremost “don’t block the box”.  This means when a traffic light is about to turn red, don’t be in the middle of the intersection.  However, drivers in Florida don’t seem to understand the concept. 

Two lanes of traffic plus a left turn lane.  A driver coming out of CVS parking lot, most likely a senior citizen picking up an overpriced prescription.  Call him Driver A, he wants to cross two lanes of traffic and get into the left turn lane.  The traffic signal is red and lots of cars are in all lanes.  I stop to let Driver A cross in front of me, he blocks the second lane, but the light is still red.

Up comes another driver who proceeds to lay on his horn.  Driver A is blocking his lane, but the light is red and no one is moving.  Luckily the passenger rolls down her window to shout at me about the car blocking their path.  I say, “he is trying to get into the left turn lane”.   To which she gives me the finger and says something very colorful.  At this moment the left turn light changes to green and Driver A is allowed to enter the lane and goes on his merry way.  However, the traffic is backed up and the finger lady and companion driver advance three cars and the light turns red.  They are again stuck in traffic.  Perfect, I come alongside of them and smile.  She rolls down her window and says, “have a nice day”.  I say, “hope you do the same”.

This is one of my pet peeves.  People in a hurry to go nowhere. 

In retirement, you are never in a hurry.  I even enjoy driving slowly so the stupid driver behind me can’t race up to that red light and stop.  Even better they pass me in a terrible rush, and we meet at the next red light.  I smile and wave.

Another pet peeve is shopping carts.  If you are elderly and infirmed I understand you can’t take your shopping cart back to the front door or to a cart stand in the parking lot.   I am not sure you should be driving, but that is another issue.  I try to park next to the shopping cart return stall.  It helps me find my car and makes it easy to return my cart.  So, the other day at Total Wine a guy unloads a couple of boxes of alcohol into his very big SUV and leaves his cart on the sidewalk.  If you are able to drive an SUV and buy lots of alcohol, shouldn’t you be able to return your shopping cart, so you don’t block the sidewalk?  Guess naught.

The same goes for people in grocery stores.  Are you completely unaware of the people around you?  YES.  So, you stand in the middle of the aisle, and leave your shopping cart a few yards away, with absolutely no perception of people around you.  Shoppers who are trying to get by or look at something on the same aisle. 

Yikes, look around you, please.  And, please don’t get me started on adults shopping with kids.   Can’t you leave them at home?

And finally, when you are standing in a very long line at the movie theater can’t you look up at the lighted menu and know what you want?  You have been in line for at least 5 minutes, but you don’t know what you want?  See that big lighted sign telling you everything on the menu and the price.  Why are you waiting till you get to the counter to look up and read the menu?

These are just a few of my pet peeves.  Thank goodness I don’t carry a gun.  No, I just smile and say have a great day.

One thought on “PET PEEVES

  1. Al, Agree on so many levels except for kids at home. Alot of parents cant leave the kids at home. No child care, too young, unsafe. I am thinking of my dread in bringing Sarah and Em to the store as littles. Couldnt be helped but, man, it was an effort. XOXOOXO

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