On the Road Again

Pulled out of Austin, TX after more than a month, and I am glad to be on the road again.

Friend Ruth was happy to be home after a month away for holiday and family visits in D.C. and Ohio.  I enjoyed house sitting, but we both agreed we were ready to settle into our new lives.  Coincidly, Ruth and I both sold our D.C. homes in June 2016.  Ruth because she got a terrific teaching position at the LBJ School at the University of Texas, Austin.  I couldn’t stand how Congress was behaving in partisan gridlock, and this was before Trump!

Ruth and I have both thanked our lucky stars we got out of Washington, D.C. when we did.  Who knew, it could get worse?  But, it can always get worse.  You just don’t think it is possible when you are living in hell.  But, take my word.  It can get worse.  And, it did — Trump.

So, I traveled west driving through the Texas hill country.  I plan to spend a month in Tucson, AZ and a month in Palm Springs, CA.  Golf and friends are going to be there, and I will get assimilated into RV living, which I fear may mean living in an RV parking lot.

Scout sprung a leak, my first Airstream mishap.  When I hooked up the water at the Sonora Caverns RV Park.  One of the hoses to the kitchen sink was disconnected, and sprayed water under the sink.  Fortunately, no serious damage, just water under the sink caught by the pots and pans.  Maybe Airstream calculated placing pots and pans storage under the sink might come in handy?

The Sonora Caverns RV Park did not show up on my GPS, but the ALLSTAYS app on the iPhone is great.  Shows all RV camping, dumping stations, rest stops, gas, and of course — WalMart’s — where RVers shop.  Not me.  

On to El Paso, a dust bowl full of sand.  Fortunately less than 300 miles to Tucson.  Arrived Tucson today and checked in at Adventure Bound RV Resort.   It is a combination of full-time RV living, and vacationers.  I am parked next to couple displaying the Confederate Flag.  If I had seen it before I backed in and un-hooked, I would have asked to be moved.  Adventure Bound hosts religious services, which I was invited to as well as the biscuits and gravy breakfast.   I will complain about the flag when I leave, less there not be burning crosses.  

Hello Tucson!


3 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Your new chapter sounds exciting. Keep writing. All is well and Stuart. I am having fun and working on a new tribute legacy letter book for a six year old who lost his daddy to pancreatic cancer.

  2. Have some sympathy for us still in D.C., defending your Medicare!! Going to Bernie’s First Stand on health care tomorrow, and to the women’s march next weekend. Gotta stay sane somehow. Still deciding whether to go protest at the inauguration. I’ve been to every one since 1980 (to protest or cheer), but this one, maybe not. My mom lived in Tucson for years. You’re in for some lovely sunsets but not much to do unless you like hiking. Happy trails!

  3. I am glad you are out of DC as well. I do not trust the Trump folks not to do something ugly to you so I am also glad that you are not complaining about the flag. Those folks still don’t realize they lost the war. Oh well.

    Keep enjoying your travels.

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